Hello Training Camp, Goodbye Jason Taylor

By Staff

Two great things that go great together. The start of training camp for the New York Jets coinciding with long time Jets hater and former NFL Defensive Player of the Year Jason Taylor getting sent packing from the AFC East. JT was a royal pain in the rear but even his presence didn’t prevent the Jets from owning the Fish of late, but it’s nice to see him gone. If you forget what JT looks like just pick up a copy of the ESPN Classic Miracle at the Meadowlands Jets-Dolphins game on Monday Night Football. Taylor is the noodnik giving Jets fans a choke sign before the Dolphins proceeded to lose a 30-7 second half lead.

As Jets training camp kicks off the player whose progress I’m most excited about is…Justin Miller. If he can step up to the plate and give us a second good young cornerback our defense may be top 5. He had an entire year to mature and study his position. He has always had the physical talent but he never applied himself to the classroom and game film so hopefully he comes back a new player at a position most fans thought Jets were desperate at. It looks like Favre won’t be joing the quarterback controversy so it should be a fun battle to watch between Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens. Don’t forget the Pope did bestow the divine touch on Clemens in the offseason. Don’t underrate that. You can’t coach divine intervention and I’ll take anything I can get before ruling Clemens a bust.

And last but not least the Jets signed one of their two first round draft picks over the weekend — Dustin Keller. The man who may be our MVP in my opinion. Get your Keller jerseys now as he will be a force to be reckoned with.