I Want Fav-Re

By Staff

All the talk of rebuilding and youth movement for the New York Jets is mularkey. This team spent a ton of money to get back on the competive side of teh street. Win now? Let’s not get carried away. Could they if the QB plays well or better than expected? Hell, yeah. Look, Chad is a great soldier and is the QB of the past. Kellen could be the guy of the future but what about right now? Who should the quarterback of the present be for the Jets? Brett Favre. Why not? What is holding this up? A second round pick? I’d do it even if it meant watching Brett Favre lead my team for just one season. He is a special once in a lifetime player who should never have gotten this close to being free. The Jets need this type of player more than they needed Bill Parcells. This is a guy with a swagger who everybody loves to root for. He’s Joe Willie without the fur coats or Sopranos links.

So why won’t the suits at the former Weeb Ewbank Hall pull the trigger? Money, Favre’s age and possibly the biggest reason: Eric Mangini. Favre is older than Mangini and is a supernova peronsality to Mangini’s tiny satellite moon. Mangini is cut from the stoic charisma-less Bill Belichick mold. Mangini isn’t quite as somnambulistic as Belicheat but he’s more tortoise than hare.

The bottom line is winning and who among the trio of Pennington, Clemens, and Favre gives the Jets the best chance of getting back to the playoffs and dethroing the Patsies? Hint: He played himself in There’s Something About Mary.