Cohen Mystery Hiring Solved

By Staff

Well the news out of Jetville today sheds a lot of light on just why the Jets decided to bring on new Assistant General Manager Scott Cohen. By virtue of Jets President Jay Cross leaving the team, GM Mike Tannenbaum gets a bump up and will now need to lighten his work load some after having a vice president title added to his resume.

While this isn’t really huge news — it just goes to show you what grabs headlines this time of year for an NFL team — it may have repurcussions. Think about it…Tannenbaum is only entering his third year as a general manager and he has displayed great skill working the salary cap and signing free agents while improving his drafting ability. Hopefully his new expanded role with the team will not take too much time away from his shaping the Jets on the field product in exchange for shaping the overall bottom line on the business side. We know about Mike, about his apprenticeship and the fact that he has been here awhile. Scott Cohen is much more unknown but could he be the Jets GM of the future if Trader Mike continues his ascent and someday becomes Jets Team President? Food for thought.

Only a story as big as Jay Cross leaving could bump this shocking free agent signing by the Jets to the back burner. You should be sitting when you read this.