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Mini Camp Awaits Inspiring Duo

By Staff

The New York Jets have been very busy these last few weeks with wrapping up their initial dalliance in free agency, draft evaluations, completing the agonizing Dewayne Robertson trade among others. There is no rest for the weary as General Manager Mike Tannebaum’s motto has been he will leave no stone unturned to find players for this roster if they will make it better. His hard work continued after the 2008 NFL Draft as the Jets signed several very intriguing undrafted free agents including two with very inspirational stories.

The first came right after the draft in the form of a diminuative dynamo, Chadron State running back Danny Woodhead. You’d think the NCAA career rushing leader would get a sniff as at least a 7th round draft pick but the Jets are hoping he is just one of several diamonds in the rough they have unearthed. Can I get a Rudy chant going?

Another player who everyone in the league should be rooting for may actually get a chance to stick as a Brad Baxter type goal line back. Jehuu Caulcrick has lived a life none of the 252 players had to experience before being drafted and that alone is one amazing accomplishment.

And before the rookie mini camps have even started there is this look ahead to the training camp positional battles some of the newly minted rookies will have to face with their incumbent teammates. Hint: Jets have two going on. There is also this look at the top QB battles of which Jets have the #5 most anticipated. I wonder what it would cost to pry Brady Quinn loose from the Browns?

Finally, what would a recap of last week’s draft be without a look ahead to the 2009 NFL Draft? I don’t know why this is even attempted when so many experts whiffed on this past weekend’s draft. Here is a look at some of the top prospects expected to be available in 2009. I can’t say I agree with the “experts” predicting Jets picking anywhere from 9-12 meaning we’re just a 5-6 win club. I see Jets as a real playoff contender and picking somewhere in the 20’s come Draft Day 2009.