Feeling Drafty In Here

By Staff

The NFL Draft is just five days away and the rumors that were just swirling a week ago are turning into cyclones now the closer we get. It is an incredibly exciting time to be a New York Jets fan because – aside from having a perfect record this time of year – the offseason additions have set the Jets up perfectly to add some very high impact players this weekend. If the Jets don’t do anything before or during the Draft in terms of a trade they are looking at adding 2 of the top 36 players in the nation.

John Clayton of ESPN breaks down some of the rumors and the Jets are linked to two of them. The well known Darren McFadden link and the lesser known infatuation with Delaware QB Joe Flacco, a tall drink of water at 6’6″ and a rocket laser arm.  Flacco is a project at the position but that would be fine with the Jets who have two QB’s ahead of him already. The only real concern about Flacco will suprise you.  He might be too tall. Here is an interesting look at the shocking paucity of of QB’s with Flacco’s height in the NFL and the lack of success enjoyed by those who have made it.

The Jets and their fans are also keeping their collective fingers crossed that a deal sending Dewayne Robertson anywhere for a pick or two happens this week or during Draft Weekend. Reports out of Philadelphia that were promising a few days ago have since cleared things up a bit and while D-Rob may still be on the Eagles radar there is nothing imminent to look forward to.

Finally, yours truly represented the Fan Sided team and The J-E-T Press on internet radio show Fantasy Insider Online with host Tim Miller. You can hear the show and my thoughts on the Jets draft options here.