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New York Jets Signee Roundup: Half the Class is On Board

Now that the draft is in the past, and we have moved along in the process, you see a lot about Mr. Idzik and company. What do we see, exactly? The fact that he gets the job done quickly. He drafts the players that he wants on the Jets, and gets the contracts done quickly.

There may be only one week in the books since the draft completed, but that hasn’t stopped Idzik and the crew from moving ahead and doing so quickly. They may be bringing in UDFA’s, which is great, but they are also getting the contracts done with the draft class, now being completed with approximately half of them.

So far the team has signed:

LB Trevor Reilly

OL Dakota Dozier

LB Jeremiah George

WR Quincy Enunwa

WR Shaq Evans

WR Tajh Boyd

Ikemefuna “IK” Enemkpali

What does this actually mean?  Well, in the grand scheme of things, probably very little.  After all, the most recent collective bargaining agreement provides for a very consistent rookie salary structure.  Go ahead through all of the teams, the rookie salaries are going to look almost the same when it is all said and done.  Holding out will not do very much for either the player or the team in the rookie structures.

What it does show, however, is a willingness to bring his guys into the fold.  Not only does John Idzik have a plan for whom he wants on the New York Jets roster, but he wants to institute that plan quickly.  It instills a feeling of loyalty when you feel that your bosses want to have you around.  When they have made it a priority to take care of you, you will more willing to give that back to your team.

All just part of the John Idzik plan and process.

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  • Paul Newbold

    Everybody is making Idzik into the “Jet Savior”, its pretty funny actually. Flash back to the Tanny days, when the media proclaimed his prowess! LOL Its way too early to judge a second year GM, his first draft class just fiished their rookie season, and his second draft hasn’t made the field yet! Everybody is talking about the “Idzik Plan”, yet nobody has a clue to what that plan is! I’m not dismissing Idzik’s accomplishments, he’s made some moves in his first two years that have improved the team, he’s also made some questionable moves along the way. How they work out is anyone’s guess! Until his team proves itself on the field, I;m not buying into the “In Idzik We Trust” motto!! Glad to see him signing guys, but if you recall last year, he wasn’t so quick to get Milliner onboard and Richardson under contract. It’ll be nice to see them get our top picks signed. As you pointed out with the new collective bargaining, it leaves little room for contract variations, and since he’s a “contract guy”, he’s expected to get the job done.

    • RONBO19

      Spot on as usual Paul. way to much love given to the same guy who had a so-so first draft followed by a so-so free agency period that failed to address the teams glaring holes in the secondary. As for this draft, at first glance it looks like only two of the 12 picks will have any impact on this coming season.Cant help but think we should have done better as there appeared to be better options on many of the picks we did make. Oh well, time will tell as yes it is way to evaluate Idzik or the players he just drafted.Hopefully some of them will prove pleasant surprises.

      • Paul Newbold

        I’m hoping to be amazed by some of these picks, because many of them have me questioning the logic behind them. I’m no scout and don’t pretend to be, though I enjoy doing the homework on prospects, I have a meager football background, but enjoy breaking down film when I can find it. Call it a throw back to my youth! LOL Some of the picks are mysteries to me, a few I thought they really stretched, and at this point I’m not too certain that we are that much better of a team. Improved yes, but by how much. As I see it after the second round the Jets had the opportunity to truly dominate this draft, they had their two prizes and 10 picks left to move around the board at will. Yeah we wouldn’t be looking at 12 rookies to develop, but we surely could have elevated the talent level. I’m still stunned at our third round pick, as I thought there were far better fits still available at corner. Even if this pick surprises the hell out of me, I still don’t see where he fits Rex’s system, or how he meets the need for a outside corner! Now its time to sit back and watch, hopefully I’m dead wrong on all these picks and they all make the roster!

        • RONBO19

          Paul, yeah, again,I agree. i was on the Radar looking at a three or four day old post and some guys is blasting guys for questioning some of Izzy’s moves and saying it’s all about adding depth. Hey, depth is great but don’t you need to have at least competent starters in place before you start worrying about depth? Geez, the Izzy love is mystifying to me?

          • Paul Newbold

            We talked about these “value” signings during free agency, and heard the same thing! Now Colon is still rehabbing from the bicep tear, added the need for a knee scope and will miss some time early. Then Johnson isn’t recovered enough to make it mandatory mini camp, the knee evidently is a issue at this point. “Value signings are great when everything goes right, but can really blow up in your face when they don’t! Two key players already are questionable, and they haven’t even put pads on yet! Not a good start, not the news I wanted to hear anyway!

          • Frank Antonelli

            You two guys are pathetic. Why don’t you get a room! The fact of the matter is that Idzik’s approach is a proven one and Tanny’s was doomed for failure from the beginning. Whether Idzik proves he can implement the strategy is another story but the approach he is taking is the right one and it’s about time that the Jets adopt the correct approach to building a football team.

          • RONBO19

            No Frank, we just don’t buy into all the propaganda you apparently do! Your show your I.Q. every time you come here to blast people who don’t share your overly optimistic views. Do you really think we come here to blast the team we love? Dude, it’s all about setting the bar higher! Honestly, did you look at this roster prior to the draft? Did you not see the glaring holes in the secondary that were not properly addressed? Hey, if you want to come here and call people childish names good for you! If that’s what makes you happy I’m thrilled. Me, I come here to share my thoughts on the team and even more importantly read or listen to the opinions of the writers and other posters like yourself. In all seriousness, I am fully aware that i am not qualified to run a professional football team.I get that! But don’t we all have the right to discuss decisions that effect our team? I think so and will continue to do so. So if you don’t like it, it is your right to ignore my posts. Nobody’s forcing you to read them bro!

          • Frank Antonelli

            You’re an idiot and obviously have no idea how to build an NFL franchise. Why don’t you listen to guys like Bill Polian who love what Idzik is doing. I’ll sure listen to him before a clown like yourself.

          • RONBO19

            Wow! Thank you so much for my promotion from Dusch-bag to only idiot. Geez, you made my day Frank.

          • Frank Antonelli

            That’s my goal, namely, to help a fellow Jet fan!