John Idzik: Why I Have Complete Faith in His New York Jets' Plan

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Feb 20, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; New York Jets general manager John Idzik speaks during a press conference during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

This one was prompted by a regular reader of the Jet Press, hopefully he will recognize that it’s him when he sees this. I will leave him anonymous since I never asked to use his name, but he is a regular reader and commenter on the site, so he knows how I write, so he is as good of an authority as any to have an opinion on the site.

The other day, he left a comment on the site, where he speculated that my faith in John Idzik was blinding me. This reader, being such a regular commenter, got me thinking. Is he right? Am I blinded by my faith in John Idzik? So I thought about the last two years, and what John Idzik has done over those two years, and I realized I am not blinded by faith. My faith is real. And here is why I have such strong faith in John Idzik.

To date, he has not made any discernible mistakes.

First of all, the work with the salary cap is nothing short of magical, taking the team from almost $30 million over the salary cap, to at one point, nearly $40 million under the salary cap. That’s a great way to set the team up to be successful.

John Idzik’s first draft was wonderful, yielding him the defensive rookie of the year in Sheldon Richardson, starting cornerback Dee Milliner, quarterback Geno Smith, the eventual starting left guard Brian Winters, and the starting fullback in Tommy Bohanon.

His first draft, and five starters come out of it. John Idzik did pretty good there, wouldn’t you say?

Let’s look at some acquistions now from last season:

John Idzik did quite well with these moves, considering that he had absolutely no money to work with to make the moves.  The players on this list, while healthy, made a positive impact on this team.  Isn’t that John Idzik’s job, to make acquisitions that make the team better?

You might say, what about Mike Goodson and David Garrard?  They both added very little to the team.  One had legal troubles, and the other was never healthy enough to get on the field.

That would be true, these moves were unsuccessful.  However, there is no real move that the Jets SHOULD have made instead.  That, and these moves didn’t kill the team either.  The Jets didn’t end up 8-8 because of Goodson or Garrard.  Therefore, these moves don’t equate to a major black mark on John Idzik’s record as the general manager here.

We look at 2014 on the next page.

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