Sep 12, 2013; Foxboro, MA, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) on the sidelines during the game agains the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

Report: Mark Sanchez to be Released Within 24 Hours

Well, if this report is true, many of the Jets’ fans out there will be happy very soon. Not all, but most.

Take a look at this tweet from Gary Apple of the SNY TV network:


So, if this is true, Jets fans will finally be rid of the player that they love to hate. The one that led them to two straight AFC title games.

To be honest, this would be the right move by the Jets, to do it early. Technically, the Jets could wait until March 24th to release him and still not be any worse financially, since the 25th is when Mark is due a roster bonus. But, doing it soon gives him the chance to shop his services to the other teams in the league.

It would have been sabotage to Mark’s career to make him wait until the end of the month, and then let him go. It’s nice to say that it looks like they are going to do right by him, finally.

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  • Frank Antonelli

    Do right by him finally?????? Are you kidding me. They gave him chance after chance to succeed and all he did was play like a clown. Geez how the heck could you say that!

    • Alan Schechter

      You can’t be surprised by me feeling that way Frank. You know my attitude by now, between not getting him weapons, the Tebow situation, leaving him out there to get hurt last year, I always feel that they have done poorly by him. I don’t expect people to agree with everything I say.

    • Paul Newbold

      Frank. I agree Sanchez did play like a clown at times. I’m no Sanchez fan as you probably know by now. Though the more I look at the Jet QB position currently, I have to wonder if its not a good idea to re work his contract and hold him for a bit. I know, it sounded crazy to me too at first! Considering who’s left in FA at the position, I began to wonder. If he would accept back up pay, he could provide a legitimate competition for Geno, he knows the system, and I’d feel better if Geno Smith went down, that he be the back up instead of some of the names currently being floated around for the Jets! Quite frankly I’d rather have Sanchez then Vick. Who do you have in mind? Its definitely a worse of two evils scenario, not the ideal situation for sure, but the Jets have got to look at it. NO?

  • Gilbert Whitman

    Keep Mark a Jet

    • SoMuchDeterminationDoe


  • chuck howard

    I will miss those Mark Sanchez “butt-fumbles”! Another USC quarterback dies on the pile of USC mediocrity in the NFL. At least he did better then Matt Leinart and Todd Marinovich so he has that going for him right?

    • Brian Mckinney

      Butt Fumbles?? Very original, Dbag. BTW the Jets are wanting to draft a WR from you guessed USC. Where you play in college doesn’t matter to your NFL career, Moron. also Sanchez has won 4 PLAYOFF games, how many Pulitzers do you have A** Clown