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BREAKING: Adam Schefter is reporting that Rex Ryan and the New York Jets have come to terms on a multi year extension. It seems that this plan has been in the works for weeks as Jets owner Woody Johnson let the team know that Rex would be retained after the season ending victory in Miami against the Dolphins.


Rex Ryan boasts a 42-38 record as New York Jets Head coach. Next to Weeb Ewbank Rex Ryan is arguably the greatest New York Jets coach ever. It was not until he was brought here in 2009, that the New York Jets have had an identity. Though braggadocios at times, there is no doubt that Rex Ryan is not only a great motivator, but a great leader of men as well.
We are not saying Rex his perfect, but he is the perfect fit for this organization. He has been more involved in the offense than he has been in previous years. Also, this year he decided to go back to calling plays on the defensive side of the ball. It seems that this has paid off as Rex got the most out of an average team this year. Initially, we all thought that Idzik was force fed Rex and would scrap him after this year and replace him with an “Idzik guy.” We know one thing for certain; John Idzik is a calculated risk taker and a patient man. He gave Rex the season to prove himself, and Rex did just that. All we are left with now is the suspense building up to the draft, and to see how Idzik/Rex fill in these holes on the coaching staff and roster.

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  • Paul Newbold

    Good Grief….. Three More Years!! When will this organization learn? Oh yeah, when “Woody The Blockhead” sells them!

    • Frank Antonelli

      As usual you act like a complete clown. Rex has been a god send for this organization and all the haters like you can go (&)^)(*(* yourselves. Rex survived and he will thrive when Idzik gets him the talent required for a Super Bowl run.

      • Paul Newbold

        LOL, now they are reporting they can opt out after 2015, no guaranteed money after that. Not much of a vote of confidence. Basically they gave him an extra year, since he was already under contract for next season. At the same money it is reported, providing Geno Smith 3 yrs with the same Offensive Coordinator. Woody is smarter then I give him credit for, he left himself an out! LOL

        • Frank Antonelli

          LOL. I expect nothing less from a clown like you. Like I always suspected you’re not really a Jet fan and you can’t make up your mind on anything for very long. I’ll laugh when Rex wins a Super Bowl since I’ll remember your clown like comments!

          • Paul Newbold

            Lol. I made my mind up about Rex quite a while ago. The signing is actually a good thing for Geno Smith. I’ve said right along that the Jets would extend him. It kept Marty Mohering in place for two more years. As far as Rex goes, we disagree. As far as a Jet fan…I’ve been around since before they were the Jets, I was around to watch them win their only superbowl, and I’ve struggled along with them ever since. As far as being a clown…..I do it part time, and love entertaining kids. LOL

          • Frank Antonelli

            Well at least you’re making a profession out of it. I also was around to see the Jets win their only Super Bowl and as a true fan I’ve stayed with them through thick and thin. I’ve seen all the coaches come and go and if you can’t see that Rex is special then you’re chosen profession of clown has seeped into your football judgement!

          • Paul Newbold

            Jury will always be out on Rex until he wins SOMETHING! To this point he’s won NOTHING! I don’t t take anything away from his defensive mind, he’s proven he is a good DC.

          • Frank Antonelli

            I have given up on you! You can’t seem to understand that Rex has the best record of ANY NY Jets Coach who has been with the team 5 or more years! He was 1 game short of the Super Bowl twice, what other Jet coach can even say that other than of course Weeb Ewbank. But Weeb had Joe Namath while Rex has had either rookie or incompetent QBs during his tenure. Despite this his overall record is still better than Weeb’s on a percentage basis. You my friend are hard headed!

          • Paul Newbold

            As a combined unit Jet head coaches have won (1) Superbowl, (4) Divisional Titles and made 14 playoff appearances since 1968. Comparing their records to Rex Ryan’s record to prove he is a great coach, is ludicrous. Your not exactly comparing him with the winningest bunch! LOL We don’t agree on Rex fine. Let’s just leave it there. LOL

          • Frank Antonelli

            Jesus you’re a clown. The fact of the matter is that we have to compare him to Jet coaches since he has to endure the same type of pressures they had to. Do you want to compare them to organizations that actually draft well, have good to great GMs. He has done more with what was given to him than Belacheat ever could. Get a clue buddy!

          • Paul Newbold

            LOL Frank you dislike Belacheat as much as I dislike Rex! Not that I care for the guy, but he does have a few trophies in his case. Like I said the jury will be out on Rex until he wins SOMETHING! LOL

          • Frank Antonelli

            Ok let’s settle this right now! Check this out. Before you read it take your clown costume off so you can fully appreciate the logic:

            Success Under Difficult Circumstances

            Rex Ryan has the third-highest victory total and the second-highest winning percentage of any head coach in Jets history.

            He has the most playoff wins (4) of any head coach in franchise history.

            In five seasons under Ryan, Gang Green is 42-38 with two AFC Championship Game appearances and just one losing season.

            Ryan has done all this with some of the worst quarterback play in recent memory.

            Mark Sanchez and
            Geno Smith haven’t done Ryan any favors, as they have combined for 80
            touchdowns, 90 interceptions, a 55 percent completion percentage and
            just over 15,000 yards in those five seasons.

            Ryan’s success with such poor quarterbacking is astounding, to say
            the least. In a league where a quarterback can often single-handedly
            determine success, Ryan has defied reason.

            If Ryan were to receive some decent quarterback play, there is no knowing how far the Jets could go.


            Even though the Jets haven’t made the postseason in three consecutive
            seasons and have continually been deficient in talent, they have
            managed to stay relevant throughout Ryan’s tenure.

            With the development of Geno Smith and other New York youngsters, Ryan could easily lead this team to glory.

            Ryan dreams big. With his return, Jets fans should too.

            P.S. I believe the author was trying to relate to non-clown fans.

          • Paul Newbold