JETSerious: The Film Don't Lie Featuring Jets FS Ed Reed

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Let’s welcome back our good buddy JETSerious, with a film breakdown of safety Ed Reed.  


Today we’re going to go inside the film room, and break down the play of Jets (free agent to be) Safety Ed Reed.

Reed has tremendous upside, when you consider his impact in the locker room. But some feel he’s lost a step, and rightfully so.

So, do the Jets bring Reed back for another year? That’s the million dollar question… literally.

Let’s take a look at the tape, and dissect Reed’s impact on the field.


Jets vs. Raiders


Ed Reed communicates with Dawan Landry prior to the snap, as shown above. He is confirming the coverage, which includes a blitz from Dawan Landry.


The Jets send six, dropping five into coverage. Reed has the go to jump any short route, because the Raiders are backed up in their own territory and the Jets are sending pressure. This means that the QB will have to get rid of the throw in a hurry.


The Raiders call a pass, intended to go to the first receiver; a shallow cross over the middle. With Cromartie taking the deep portion of the field (bottom blue arrow), Reed (yellow) is able to gamble on a short pass over the middle.


Reed reads the quarterback’s eyes, leading him directly in front of the crossing route.


Once the pass is thrown, Reed is able to attack the ball at its highest point. This is a critical aspect to the turnover, requiring Reed to beat the receiver to the ball. He is able to make the pick. It doesn’t look like he lost a step yet,does it?

Let’s continue…


Once Reed makes the interception, it looks like he should be able to reach the end zone untouched. Here is where it looks like he may have lost a step since his glory days in Baltimore.


Reed, not quick enough to reach the end zone untouched, shakes a defender and gets the ball inside the 5 yard line.


Instead of picking on Ed for losing a step, we should praise him for his smarts. If you look closely above (yellow), you can see that Reed knows that the Raiders are going for the strip-fumble. Reed holds on to the ball tightly, assuring a Jets takeaway.

Continue with us to page 2, where we’ll break down Ed Reed’s interception during the Jets week 17’s win down in Miami…


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