Know Thy Enemy: Week 7: New York Jets vs. New England Patriots

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September 23, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice (27) is tackled by New England Patriots linebacker Jerrod Mayo (51) at M

The Road to MetLife Stadium takes a big turn this week for the New York Jets. From MetLife Stadium, it’s round two of the rivalry, as the Jets take on the New England Patriots. Time once again, for “Know Thy Enemy”.

This week, we talk to Tim Dillon, new editor for Musketfire, your Fansided source for all things New England Patriots related.  They do a great job covering their team, as well as the division as a whole.

Take a look at our conversation about the upcoming game:

THE JET PRESS: How concerned are you about the Jets’ running game this week, without Vince Wilfork and Jerrod Mayo?

MUSKETFIRE: It’s no secret that the Jets will have an easier time of running the ball
than they did during their first meeting with the Patriots back in September.
The Jets were able to rush for nearly 130 yards even with Wilfork and Mayo
there, so it is definitely a concern for the Patriots going into this week.
Rookie defensive linemen Chris Jones and Joe Vellano are not ready to be
full-time starters in the NFL and the Jets are sure to exploit that weakness and
run the ball down the middle. This will also take some pressure off of Geno
Smith and allow him to utilize the play-action pass. I would have liked to see
DT Armond Armstead finally take the field this week, since he has the potential
to be the best Wilfork-replacement for this season, but it is highly unlikely he
plays since he hasn’t practiced yet.

TJP: How do the Patriots keep getting it done, despite all of the new receivers on
offense that Tom is getting used to?  Is it all Tom, or are there other factors?

MF: I look at it as a more balanced team effort that is winning games than the
Patriots are used to seeing in recent years. Ever since around 2007 it has been
the high-powered offense fueled by Brady and the defense just lagged behind
because that’s all they had to do. Tom could put up 35+ points a game so the
defense really only had to be average, or in the case of the 2011 Super Bowl
year, abysmal. The Patriots are playing more like they did in the early 2000’s
when Tom won his three rings. They have a more balanced rushing/throwing attack
and the offense is complemented by a great defense. That being said, Tom hasn’t
gotten nearly the credit he deserves this season. Everyone has Peyton Manning
penned in as the MVP after only week 6 and having a stacked offense, but when
you look at what Tom has done with nobodys, he really is the glue that holds
this offense together.

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