New York Jets Week 3: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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kyle wilsonThe Bad

1) Kyle Wilson - Wilson had a good first half as he helped hold Stevie Johnson to two meaningless catches for 14 yards. The second half was a different story because as he tired he made mistakes and those mistakes turned into penalties. Those penalties kept getting worse as he let Johnson in his head. He had to be pulled after 4 consecutive penalties including a personal foul which almost single-handedly let the Bills come down the field and tie the score. Wilson needs to keep his emotions in check, stop wagging his finger and just play. He does have some ability, he needs to use it.

2) Chris Ivory - Chris Ivory had five yards on four carries and started the game but he quickly left with another hamstring injury. Other than a few glimpses we haven’t seen much from Ivory. He runs hard but the results haven’t been there and the injury concerns have. It may be time to start worrying about whether Ivory can put it together and to be thankful that Mike Goodson returns Week 5.

3) Kellen Winslow - After a good Week 1 Winslow has disappeared. Today he was held without a reception and had an offensive pass interference call thrown against him. He has not been getting separation. The team was clearly attacking on the outside so time will tell if Winslow can be a key contributor going forward. Cumberland had two catches for 24 yards but has been a non-factor this season. The Jets need to get more from their tight ends especially against teams with a better pass rush.

The Ugly

1) Penalties - The Jets had 20 penalties for 168 yards on the day which is a team record. Vlad Ducasse had 4 penalties, Willie Colon had a couple, Kyle Wilson had at least five, Muhammad Wilkerson and Coples were both offsides multiple times, throw in an illegal shift, a false start on a wide receiver and a delay of game and you have an ugly mess. I will say that the Jets did not get a friendly whistle today and referees blew a couple of pass interference penalties as well as missing a EJ Manuel and Fred Jackson fumble but the Jets need to have better composure in these situations. They got drawn into a chippy game by the Bills and need to keep their focus and put teams like this away earlier instead of letting them hang around through stupid mistakes.

2) Rex Ryan’s challenges - Rex Ryan could have cost the Jets the game when he wasted two challenges in the 3rd quarter. He used the first one challenging a spot which wasn’t smart because they were going to go for it on 4th and 1 anyway. The second was a challenge he rushed because of Buffalo’s hurry-up offense. If he would have gotten a second look at Stevie Johnson’s catch he would have seen that it wasn’t worth challenging. Since you cannot challenge any more after losing two challenges the Jets lost out on a turnover where EJ Manuel clearly fumbled but was ruled down. With a second chance (and many more through penalty) the Bills were able to tie the score. Thankfully Geno Smith and Santonio Holmes bailed the team out but this can’t be repeated.

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