New York Jets Week 2: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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nfl_g_gates_gb1_2001The Ugly

1) Geno Smith’s 4th Quarter – The Jets had a 3rd and 5 from the Patriots 26 early in the 4th quarter and Smith threw an interception on a pass that was behind Santonio Holmes on a play where Smith should have tucked the ball and ran or throw it away. The problem is instead of letting this mistake go and try to win the game with a clear head, Smith instead went 3 and out in his next possession followed by two more interceptions and looked like a flustered rookie playing in his first road game. This lack of poise, after showing it Week 1, is disappointing but is part of the ups and downs of an NFL rookie. There will be better moments this year for Geno Smith as he grows but this 4th quarter was one to forget and definitely cost them a game they should have won.

2) Wide Receiver Miscues – Geno Smith was not alone in his culpability for this loss he shares that with his wide receivers who were awful. Stephen Hill had a drop, a fumble of a beautiful deep post pass and a mental mistake where he ran his route too shallow and could not fight for a 1st down. Clyde Gates had just 2 catches on 8 targets including a drop on a deep ball that would have set them up inside the Patriots 10 yard line. Ryan Spadola also had a costly drop (although not classified as one by Pro Football Focus it was catchable and a drop in my opinion). Santonio Holmes had 3 beautiful 3rd down conversions but still isn’t at the level the Jets need him to be at.

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