With Mark Sanchez, the New York Jets Get it Dead Wrong Once Again

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Aug 24, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets general manager John Idzik Jr. prior to the game against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

If the Jets were loyal to players that have performed well in the past, they would realize that they shouldn’t put him on short-term IR either. Remember again with Chad, how they released him, so he could sign anywhere, including within the division? It, in turn, bit the Jets in the behind, as Chad led the Dolphins to the playoffs.

Same type of thing with Mark here. If they put him on regular IR, he could take his time with his rehabilitation, and come back at full strength, ready to go for any team that wants his services. Clearly, the Jets don’t want him around anymore. Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles understand this. Why not allow Mark to prepare for the next part of his career? If they cared about what he did in the past, they would put him on IR for the rest of the season, for his own good.

Instead, they are going to give him the chance to still rush back, which, in fact, is not in Mark’s best interest. Mark can now overwork, which could potentially ruin the rest of his career.

John Idzik should realize that this is not what the Jets need either. Surely, the thought is that if Mark Sanchez is around and healthy, it will push Geno Smith to work hard, play better, and keep Mark Sanchez off of the field.

Sorry John, gonna have to bring out that Price is Right sound when the contestant loses the game on that one. It’s a bad idea John.

The whole aura of having Mark Sanchez around is going to hinder Geno’s development. As opposed to Mark, who needed a “push”, the rookie quarterback needs exactly the opposite. He needs to feel that this is his team, and that can’t be taken away from him. If Mark is around, the questions will always remain. He will be questioned about the “competition”, he will be asked about how is play is going to keep the job, …etc. This will work AGAINST Geno, not in his favor.

Besides, doesn’t Idzik realize that he only gets to use one spot for the short-term IR? What happens now, if a starter sustains an injury that deserves the short-term spot? We lose them for the year, that’s what. John has to realize that, and prioritize the roster spot. Come on now.

Once again, Mark Sanchez’s career is handled dead wrong. At least he will likely get the opportunity to continue that career outside of New York.

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  • Gavin Buck, London (UK)

    I see your points Alan, although I have some speculation as to why they might have done the short term IR over full IR.

    On the sidelines in the first 2 games, Sanchez has been giving Geno advice and and acting a little like a mentor. After the game on Sunday, the Jets need a roster spot to a veteran WR who can catch, so the Jets want to put Sanchez on full IR, but Sanchez says, “if you do that, I am getting surgery and re-habbing in California anf Geno gets no help from me.” By doing this, you have Sanchez as a Geno mentor and potentially as a backup later in the year if Geno gets injured or he tanks later in the year.

    As I said, thus is pure speculation, but the only reasonable hypothesis that explains putting him on shirt term IR. What do you think?

    • Alan Schechter

      Anything is possible Gavin. Your way does give it the most reasonable explanation. If Mark gave them an ultimatum like that, then this course of action makes perfect sense. It just seems that it would be out of character for Mark, he doesn’t seem to be that way. What do I know, though? Maybe he is that way, behind closed doors. Wouldn’t be the first time.

    • jimjam77887

      The full extent of Marks injury is actually undetermined by us outsiders. He may not be nearly as hurt as they are saying, and he is just repeating the company line in hopes that Smith keeps tossing the ball up and he can come back as the hero. This designation saves face for him, and leaves his return open. Not a bad situation for the Jets, IMO.

      As for Mark next season, following this line, he can tell other teams his injury rehabbed better than expected and surgery wasn’t required after all. He is again 100% and ready to play for the new team.

  • Vincent Hall

    Geno threw 3 interceptions in a half of football in the preseason, and now 2 games into the season, he has thrown 3 interceptions in a quarter of a football game. The Jets have to do what’s in the Jets best interest. If they are competing and in a position to win when Sanchez can return they may as well designate him. If Geno is playing well they can let him play. If he is playing poorly, they can play Sanchez and see how he does with the same group of offensive players. This is about more than just 2013, this is about the future of the Jets going forward. Neither you or I should give up on Sanchez quarterbacking this group in the future years. It all depends on how many more interceptions Geno Smith slings in the upcoming weeks.

    • Alan Schechter

      You think? I don’t know. It really seems to me like they are done with him.

  • Vincent Hall

    If Geno Smith turns the ball over 40 times this year, will fans still say Sanchez is too turnover prone? Or will they just say Smith was a rookie?

  • Paul Newbold

    It is a business, Sanchez is done in NY after 2013. If they put him on season ending IR, they will be choosing to cut him and get no return. It is hard enough to shop an injured QB, none the less one with Mark’s reputation. If he can return this season, and resume as a back up quarterback, they might find a taker. Not done right by Sanchez? Maybe, but check his back account, I think they did very well by him!!

    • Alan Schechter

      Yes they did right by him in his pocket, I don’t disagree there. They just never set him up to succeed.