Aug 29, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan looks on before a pre-season game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Metlife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Daily News Crusade Against Rex Ryan Hits New Low

We have seen a lot of low tactics from the New York Daily News, but this is becoming ridiculous.

They have sent cameras off to follow Rex Ryan on vacation. Their reporters have questioned Rex Ryan ad-nauseum during press conferences, causing angry reactions from the head coach. However, when you question why a guy is spending time with his family, you have crossed a line that should earn your removal from the Jets’ beat. Take a look at these tweets from a certain reporter that we all know, and well pretty much hate:





So, within the span of 30 minutes, Manish had investigated the fact that Rex left down, complained about it, and contacted the team to confirm!! Clearly, the picture in the first tweet showed that he went to spend time with his family. He can’t go down during the season on a weekend when he has a game to prepare for.

Yes, we live in a paparazzi culture. I understand that everything people do, especially from New York based teams, is going to attract attention. But when you have figured out that the guy is spending time with his family, you stop. If we don’t look out for our families first, what kind of people are we?

This crusade needs to stop. As our friend Joe Caporoso suggested last year, maybe it is time to remove this person’s press credentials. He is now crossing lines, and it needs to stop.

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  • Stiffsticker

    Knock it off and stop acting like the typical jets fan that the world is against us. The jets buffoonery and mismanagement has brought this on themselves and Rex. It is no coincidence that the well run organizations don’t have to deal with this nonsense. When the Jets act like a competent organization and start winning, the negative critiques will magically go away. What adds to to this, is that Jet fans are always crying and blaming the world. Man up and act like real fans.
    You have to deal with the fact that when your organization is a sideshow everything will be questioned until it turns around. I have no tears for Rex. Either he learns how to be a complete HC or his bags will be packed for him.

    • Bennny K

      You mean like having a player arrested for murder, assaulting a cop, assaulting girls in the clubs, leaving his pregnant girlfriend to cheat with a model, leaving his wife for a woman in her 20′s. you mean a classy origination like the Pats. You prove how smart you are because the truth is media spins it however they want.

      • Stiffsticker

        Many teams have players getting into trouble with the law and players of questionable character. I am talking soley about the football moves that cause the Jets to be viewed as a circus, like the Tebow debacle, the gross QB mismanagement, hiring Sparano last year as an OC who was a joke, giving out huge contracts to undeserving playing, and Rex’s shenanigans and players imploding and shooting off their mouths in the locker room. It all starts and ends with the HC! The players follow the HC and that is the problem.
        Until the Jets act like a professional organization they will be ripe pickings for the media. It is not the medias fault that the jets are a circus, they bring it on themselves. Blame Jets management that starts at the top not the media. I know its great to have a scapegoat.

        • 1/12/69-OrangeBowl

          Professional organizations “Hall of Fame”…you must have missed these:

          -Buffalo,Raiders, Browns haven’t been to the playoffs in how many years?
          -The Eagles have an ex-con as QB (still)
          -The Patriots had a murderer on their roster, who they signed to a fat contract (and they signed Tebow after all the Tebomania…who was be cut ), & spy-gate.
          -The Broncos lost a star defender because of a contract mix-up (Dumervil) and their other star on D (Miller) is suspended for 6 games (drug test).
          -The Saints had a coach & players suspended for putting bounties on players
          -Jeff Tuel will start at QB for the Bills (If Tuel does indeed start in Week 1, he will become the first undrafted rookie quarterback in the common draft era (since 1967) to start a season opener )
          -The Raiders…………’nough said !

    • Alan Schechter

      Nobody is blaming the world stiffsticker. I don’t know if you are in NY or not, because if you were you would know that there is one particular newspaper, the one in my article, that goes out of its way to attack the team.

  • Jet4evr

    Long time jets fan. Rex has done well with the talent he has had. Top ten defense in every year he has been with team. New offensive coordinator with great background is what was needed. Rex needs to manage team and run defense….Belichick was not a great coach before Brady. You need a great Qb sorry. Anyone can look good with a great Qb plain and simple. Rex needs another year or two. 8-8 keeps job. What are other options for coaches?????

    • Alan Schechter

      Totally agree with all of that Jet4ever. Welcome to the blog. I agree they should keep him around if he goes 8-8. Are you asking me what I think are other options if Rex is let go?

    • matr dontelli iii

      Other options are more rookie head coaches. Woodhead Johnson has yet to hire a head coach or gm with experience, meaning someone who costs more money! We’ve had quite a few gms and hcs during his time. It can’t be a coincidence. It’s just like going halfsies on the stadium or going to Europe instead of interviewing cowher five years ago. He always finds the cheap way out. I mean, look at his tie! Does it match the team’s colours? Nope. Probably bought it at the dollar store!

  • Paul Newbold

    No Comment….but the New York Daily Rag…it sucks

  • matr dontelli iii

    The more you talk with people in the media the more you hear them say “something’s up with the daily news”. And no, they’re not talking about credibility!

  • Edwin Cuquito Camacho

    wow what a p.o.s