New York Jets vs Philadelphia Eagles Quick Hits

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The final game of the preseason pits the Jets against the Eagles in their annual meeting. Starting jobs and roster spots were on the line. How did it play out?

The Jets defeated the Eagles 27-20 with a strong effort on both sides of the ball. The defense got pressure early and often and shut down the Eagles offense for the most part while the offense moved the ball well despite a couple of turnovers and another clock management mistake at halftime. All in all it appears the Jets have more depth than most people think.

1) Dominant defense - It was reinforced tonight that not only do the Jets have a very talented defense they are extremely deep as well. Leger Douzable got consistent pressure and recorded a sack. Ricky Sapp played the run and the pass well and had a strip sack as well as being consistently in the backfield including a key pressure on a 4th and 4 with 4 minutes to go. Antonio Garay got up the field and was disruptive against the run and pass, recovering a fumble and registering a quarterback hit. Jaiquawn Jarrett made his old team pay for cutting him with an extremely strong game where he showed coverage ability with a good pass defense, a couple of tackles against the run and 3 good blitzes. He did get beat by Bryce Brown for an 8 yard completion in coverage. Antonio Allen was also an effective blitzer blowing up a screen play and pressuring Foles in a few double safety blitzes but got beat a couple of times in coverage which has been a theme, however he redeemed himself undercutting a route for a pick-6 to seal the game with 2 minutes left. Lansanah forced an incompletion with a nice hit as well as another stick on a run play and Bellore held the edge on an off tackle run and pressured up the middle a few times. Isaiah Trufant covered extremely well breaking up a couple of passes.Philadelphia was able to put together a 16 play drive for a touchdown and 2 point conversion in the 3rd quarter while Matt Barkley was in the game.

2) The Matt Simms Show - With Mark Sanchez out with a shoulder injury and Geno Smith not playing Matt Simms stepped up and had a pretty good game going 33/44 for 285 yards. His passes were accurate for the most part and he threw five screen passes that all had good timing. He had a beautiful 19 play drive that ate up 10 minutes and culminated in a touchdown in the late 3rd to early 4th quarter. His first pass of the game should have been intercepted and brought back for a touchdown but was dropped and he had two others in the second half, one of which was in the red zone. The two-minute drill was also a failure as 25 seconds were wasted getting to the line and running a 4th and 1 play and missing out on points when the ball was knocked out of his hands and ruled a fumble and Simms did not react well thus he could not spike the ball in time. He did a very nice job tonight and will make the decision with McElroy very interesting because Simms probably will not make it to the practice squad if cut. He is not an NFL starter yet he is facing all backups against a very vanilla defense and made some mistakes that could have been game changing.

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  • Bennny K

    Truthfully they didn’t look that bad. I remember last preseason all I could think is that we looked like a high school team. Not this year, there were hiccups but the looked like a pro team. I actually have hope for this year.

  • Frank Antonelli

    Interesting comments by Mike Westhoff after the game. He thought Matt Simms looked good but he shouldn’t get the start. He felt Geno had better mobility, a better arm and was an overall better QB. He said he made that judgment during training camp watching all the QBs. It was obvious to him that Geno was the best QB on the team and that he should start. Interesting stuff from Mike who obviously was with Mark the last four years, and to hear this from him speaks volumes about his opinion of Mark and Geno.

    • matr dontelli iii

      I love listening to westhoff, his addition is easily the best thing espn has done in years. Buttle is great also, his insight is excellent. I used to like LaGreca but he has become a card carrying clown media member. I think the fact that they start the calls with Ira each week shows that he’s a non-card carrier but a clown nevertheless. His calls sicken me. I’m beginning to wonder if he’s really cimini with a voice synthesizer!

      • Frank Antonelli

        I agree with you on LaGreca. I also would place Bob Wischusen in that media clown status. Last night he was actually defending Manish. He stated that it’s not his fault that players tell him things off the record! Amazingly he misses the point which is that the clown Manish just makes up stories!!!! Even Olbermann can figure that out!