Aug 9, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith (7) looks to pass in the second quarter of a preseason game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

How Geno Smith can Earn the New York Jets Starting QB Job on Saturday

Geno Smith is starting Saturday night against the Giants, much to the delight of many Jets fans around the area. Rex Ryan was unclear as to how long Geno might play on Saturday night, when Mark will come in…etc.. Despite this talk from the coach, we know that this is going to be Geno’s night to shine.

Can Geno earn the starting job on Saturday night? It’s an interesting question. Coach Ryan wasn’t sure, and said the competition could go through the fourth game against the Eagles. He was not clear about what he needs to see from Smith to have him earn the job either.

Personally, it would be in the Jets’ best interest to be able to choose a quarterback after the game Saturday night, so they can treat the Eagles game like a normal 4th preseason game, and begin to prepare for the Bucs.

So, if Rex doesn’t know what he needs to see from Geno, I am going to tell you. Don’t you love that? I have some ideas as to what Rex and company should be looking for in order to anoint Geno Smith the starter.


We have seen what a quarterback looks like when they are not confidence. Just look at Mark’s games from a good portion of 2012. Lack of confidence means mistakes. A quarterback that is not confident in what they are doing is not going to get the job done.

How does he show the coaching staff that he is confident? Do not hold that ball too long. He has had problems with this element of the game during the entire preseason so far, and it will be a killer, ask Mark. The West Coast offense is built on quick dropbacks, and quick reads. Get the ball out of your hand. Three steps, and get that ball out. Five steps and get that ball out. Do not hold it. If he can do that, it will show a real grasp of the offensive concept.

Other than that, confidence is shown by how he handles the team. Make confident calls. Get the team organized at the line of scrimmage. Show a full, confident understanding of Marty’s offense. This will do a lot to earn him the job.


Again, we know exactly what bad decision-making looks like. Hi Mark. You know what I think of you but it’s true.

Geno needs to make good reads, all over the field. Don’t try to force a single pass. He needs to show the coaching staff that he doesn’t have to force the football to show the world what he can do. Understand that if nothing is there, you always have the next play.

And for God’s sake, no interceptions in the Red Zone, please!


Finally, if something goes wrong, we need to see Geno Smith have some fight back. If he makes a bad throw, does he hang his head? Can he have a short-term memory, and have a good drive the next time? If someone fumbles, can he lead? Can he keep that guy in the game, ready to get it done the next time?

These are the things I see that Geno Smith needs to do on Saturday night to earn the week one starting job. What do you guys think?

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  • Frank Antonelli

    The biggest issue with the offense has been turnovers. If Geno can limit turnovers to a minimum then he’ll win the job. Rex believes his defense can win games as long as the offense doesn’t screw it up. It’s amazing that the Jets won six games last year with all the turnovers and the non-existent offense.

    Of course making the playoffs will be about more than just limiting turnovers. Geno will have to help the offense score at least an average of 20 points per game for the Jets to make the post season. If we can limit turnovers and average 20 points per game we’ll surprise a LOT of people.

    For those of you that may question Geno’s abilities watch this clip:

    If you want a laugh watch this clip:

    • TheJetPress

      Nice frank! Thanks….agree with you on all of that.

  • Korwil

    For me, it has to be command, moving the ball, and a quick release. You can easily tell the difference between a QB in command and a QB on their heels. Actually, when going from Brady to Mallet last night you could see Mallet is just shaky and stiff in the pocket, whereas Brady has confidence and poise. I’m not saying I am expecting him to look like Brady, but he should not look like Mallet did last night either.

    Next, Geno has to be able to move the ball. I want to see him move the chains on 3rd down and be able to put together a nice drive. This is one thing Mark is actually doing a lot better with this year when compared to last.

    Finally, a quick release is something you stated as well. He will catch a break with JPP out, but the Giants will still bring pressure. Holding onto the ball too long is obviously one of the worst things a QB can do.

    I’m interested to see our offense and I think Marty is going to open up the playbook for Geno. I believe the Giants are going to try to stop the run and blitz, putting pressure on Geno. And honestly, I have no idea what to expect at this point as far as stats from Geno.

    • TheJetPress

      I agree Korwil. I firmly believe Marty is going to open it up tomorrow night and let Geno go. It’s the only way to really know if he is ready to go or not. It will be an interesting game, that’s for sure.

  • Paul Newbold

    Glad the kid gets the start Saturday. It’ll be an interesting watch, especially since he’s had way too few snaps for this point in the preseason. Practice obviously is one speed and game conditions are another. We’ll get an extended look I think, maybe even until halftime. The more snaps the better, he needs to get accustomed to the NFL and the Jets will have a greater chance to evaluate. I know I’ll be watching!! Go Jets!!

    • TheJetPress

      So will I sir.. I think we all will.

  • matr dontelli iii

    I wanna see him not throw five picks in a game in his rookie season. I wanna see him not singlehandedly lose four games his rookie season. I wanna see him not get caught eating on the sideline during a blowout win over the raiders. I wanna see him not go into the post game press conference with a pre- written statement about the game. I wanna see him not repeatedly call timeout because of confusion before the snap. I wanna see him not run out the clock at halftime because he has no clock awareness. I wanna see him not play with absolutely no urgency within the last two minutes of a half or game as though there is no time limit. And if he does do these things? I’ll better be able to tolerate them because he’s a rookie and its his first time doing it. I want mark traded to the raiders. On an unrelated note, I just read Holmes was activated. Does this mean he is just about ready to go? I believe he had to be activated by some date between the last preseason game and the start of the regular season or he was unavailable until week six, I believe. Once he’s activated does that mean he cannot go back on the pup list to start the season? What are the pup rules? There’s no rule requiring activation during the preseason, is there? Thanks.

    • TheJetPress

      Those are all fair requests for Mr. Smith tomorrow night sir. As far as the trade, I don’t see it, though I know how much you want to see him go Matr.
      Yup, I posted it earlier too, that Holmes was activated. Activating him means he is improving. If they had left him on PUP, he would have had to sit out until week 6, now they see him playing earlier. How much earlier? Still anyone’s guess. It just means he can play now as soon as the doctors say he is ready to go.
      They have done what they have to as far as activation. He can go back on the list, but unless he has a downturn, that won’t happen.
      Hope that helps

      • matr dontelli iii

        Thanks Alan and yes it does help. If they were to put him back on the pup list is it the same as if he never left it, six weeks until he can be activated or is there some other repercussion? Thanks again.

        • TheJetPress

          No problem Matr. It’s not about when he would go right back on, it’s if he is on to start the season. If he is on to start the season, it’s 6 weeks out. If he were to go on, and come right back off for some reason, he could go right away.