New York Jets Vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Quick Hits

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Aug 17, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert (11) passes the ball against the New York Jets during the first quarter of a preseason game at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

6) The defense got lit up by Blaine Gabbert. Jacksonville ran a hurry up offense that was full of short passes that had a lot of yards after the catch.  Milliner beaten pretty badly by Ace Sanders for a 35 yards across the middle. Dee Milliner got abused and looked like a rookie tonight. Gabbert has picked on him as the Jaguars have thrown a variety of looks his way. The linebackers were exposed in coverage. Harris got torched by Jones-Drew for a flat pass that turned the corner. A misdirection pass to the tight end Reisner registered a touchdown. Denard Robinson got to the edge too many times for big runs. There were definitely communications mistakes that should be expected with this many new starters. Cromartie missed a tackle on a 3rd and 5 that would have ended a Jacksonville drive but made up for it with a brilliant one to stop Jacksonville’s 1st drive of the second half. Jaiquawn Jarrett did not make an impact only making 1 tackle with no pass breakups.

7) Despite the struggles the first team defense only allowed 1 touchdown and 13 points.Wilkerson got penetration on multiple occasions and continues to showcase his strength. Coples also got multiple pressures and showed excellent quickness and agility for a 290 pound man. Coples seemed to tweak his ankle on a near strip sack. He left this game for an x-ray and has not returned to the sideline. Dawan Landry had 8 tackles, 6 solo. Sheldon Richardson had 6 tackles including a nice hit but has not been in the backfield just yet. Leger Douzable continued his strong camp with a pressure and pass breakup.  Danny Lansanah continues his strong play with an interception that he then fumbled but it was recovered by Antonio Allen. Ricky Sapp recorded a sack on a play where the entire defensive line pushed pocket. Ellis Lankster had a nice night with a pass breakup and good hit and Darrin Walls made the adjustment to look back for the ball in coverage.

8) Braylon Edwards made some nice plays including a beautiful diving catch and nice tip toe along the sideline. Bohanon has done a good job. He has made a difference in the run game and has excellent hands he can even carry the ball some. He could not hold a block that led to a sack, however. Konrad Reuland blocked well and had a 31 yard reception. Spadola had 3 catches and got some separation while in with the 3rd team. Simms was 5 of 5 on a drive that led to a short Cundiff field goal.

9) 2 penalties in the first half for the Jets, a big improvement over 11 last week. Although Ricky Sapp did manage to find his way offside again in the second half.


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  • Angel

    Sanchez had something to prove and succeeded. He had good pocket presence and he was accurate. He took a gamble and threw an interception but it happens. For him to play with the second team offense (and 2nd O-line) showed heart and leadership.

    Fk Geno “down syndrome” Smith…..

    • Frank Antonelli

      You are an absolute IDIOT!

      • TheJetPress

        easy frank…keep it clean as best you can please

        • matr dontelli iii

          not that it’s any of my business but i thought ‘you are an absolute idiot’ was much cleaner, and accurate to boot, than the ‘fk geno “down sydrome’ smith comment’, unless, of course, i came in late and saw an editted version. beyond that, i was pleased by the reduction in penalties especially as far as eliminating them on offense. if markie is gonna be the guy leading the team in turnovers we can ill afford to be committing penalties on offense as well. i thought the penalty on harris was a terrible call. the defense might wanna start thinking about tackling the ball carrier before it becomes an epidemic again. that was reminiscent of the first half in the pittsburgh playoff game, against a much less talented offense. and we can’t blame bart this time.

          • Frank Antonelli

            Thanks for the backing me up and that was not edited. I stand by my claim that Angel is an absolute IDIOT! And in fact should be banned immediately.

          • matr dontelli iii

            At first I thought it was the guy who posts on TOJ but I think it may be a different angel. I get the impression this one isn’t a jet fan while I think TOJ’s is

      • Angel

        If its not the QB for jets it’s something else. Always an excuse. I forgot you New Yorkers have been plagued by jets. Jets suck and always will.

        • Frank Antonelli

          You just proved my point! In your case the old saying applies: “Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought of a fool then open it and remove all doubt”!

    • Bennny K

      Did you even watch the game!?!?! 1 interception and 1 touchdown against possibly the worst team in the NFL. The only thing he proved and succeeded is that the Jets have no answer at QB.

  • Vincent Hall

    I thought the interception was a preseason forced job. Looked like he is struggling with anything other than man coverage. If it’s a zone with a blitz, or zone with a mix of man, Sanchez gets all tripped up. Might just be me, but it looks like every play that had any type of zone coverage, the passes took over 5 seconds to come out. Way too long in the NFL.

    • Angel

      Yeah you’re right man. I see it now haha

  • matr dontelli iii

    Didn’t take him long to prove me right…

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