Addressing the New York Jets/Geno Smith Conspiracy Theories

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Jul 28, 2013; Cortland, NY, USA; New York Jets quarterbacks Mark Sanchez (left) and Geno Smith (right) prepare to take snaps from under center during training camp at SUNY Cortland. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Frankly, I am surprised that we have to talk about this, ladies and gentlemen. However, this became such a big topic yesterday, I need to address this.

First of all, I love each and every one of you.  We all love our New York Jets, and our mission is to see our team win a Super Bowl.  Therefore, I love and respect each and every one of you in Jets Nation.  That being said, some of you were making me very worried yesterday.  Why?

I actually had many members of our fan base talking about a conspiracy to KEEP GENO FROM STARTING.  People were talking about the last game, and comments made by the coaching staff that they are deliberately holding Geno back, so they can justify starting Mark Sanchez for another year.

Well, I need to tell you all something, and it’s very important.  Listen closely.  THAT’S CRAZY!!  THERE IS NO WAY IN THE WORLD THAT IS TRUE.

Let’s talk about this for a few minutes:


First, a lot of people were bent out of shape by comments made by Marty, saying that he needed to see some different situations before he could give an accurate evaluation of Geno Smith.  This was part of this mass conspiracy to keep Geno from the field.  Please!  Let’s look at a full Marty quote about how Geno performed:

Well, the last ball game, a couple of those were me. I was trying to do a couple of things. For instance, Tommy (Bohanon played) quite a little bit. I wanted to see just exactly where he’s at. I wanted to get Kellen (Winslow) at least one ball early. I wanted to get Stephen (Hill a) certain thing. I wanted to get, on and on and on, wanted to see each guard pull one way, so these type of things. In doing that, and that was my responsibility, there was one series where I didn’t just let Geno play. We were trying to get a couple things accomplished that way. It was not much of an evaluation on Geno. You were able to see him drop back to throw the ball a couple times, certainly, but we had seen that in practice. Then he got nicked with the ankle and then (we went) quite conservative I think. I know it was the right thing to do and then we go with Greg (McElroy), so there wasn’t much evaluation there. Now, he handled the huddle well, all those things. Probably looking back on it, it was probably a pretty good first experience. He got in, he completed a few balls and now he’s got to push through this thing.

So basically, Marty Mornhinweg admitted that some of the problems were HIS FAULT.  That would mean that under the conspiracy theory, Marty deliberately screws the playcalling for Geno, and then admits it to the press?  Does that even make sense.

Earth calling, this was Geno Smith’s first professional football game.  Any coordinator worth his weight is not going to call the same plays for a five year veteran as he is for a rookie playing his first game.  You are going to be more conservative, to let the new QB get his feet under him.

It would be more of a conspiracy if Marty threw Geno to the wolves, calling wild plays.  You want to set your players up for success.  The fact that Mark opened it up a bit more than Geno did, means NOTHING.  Can we all calm down….please?

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  • Gavin Buck, London (UK)

    Good rant Alan, much needed.

    Some of the hysteria in Jets world is seriously beginning to hack me off!!

    On some other sites, in addition to conspiracy theories about Geno vs. Sanchez, there are many who I believe might actually support the Bucs Week 1 if Sanchez is named starter. There is no talking reason to them and I have got to the point of giving up. I think what you say makes total, but I fear you maybe banging your head against a wall with some of these guys.

    Thanks for your measured reason, your stuff is always a good, insightful read.


    • TheJetPress

      Thanks Gavin. It’s so frustrating that I had to address it, but I am definitely banging my head against the wall with some.

  • Paul Newbold

    I blame the NY sports writers. I read them for a laugh. They are always making up stories, where there is none and come up with these crazy conspiracies!! Some of the trash put out there is unbelievable!! The comment sections run wild with these and before you know it, you have yourself a split fan base and a quarter back controversy! You are absolutely right Alan to believe this garbage is just crazy!! This is a quarterback “competition”, not a quarterback “controversy”. There is a big difference! Let the best man win!! Marty promises to be a good addition to the Jets offensive staff. Just my opinion, but I think Idzik and Ryan should let him choose the starter. He has more experience with QB’s and offense then either of them, so I say trust the decision of the “expert” and move on!! Jet fans need to get on the same page and support whomever is named the starter! The last thing this organization needs is another quarterback controversy splashed across the back pages of certain NY papers!!!

    • TheJetPress

      Exactly Paul. And a split fan base is what we don’t need. Tebow did a nice job of splitting everyone last year. It’s time to stop the fighting, the conspiracies, and support who the football experts, ie the coaching staff, decide to play

  • matr dontelli iii

    i cautiously read costello daily and cimini maybe twice a week. espn radio and tv are simply off limits, same with the daily news. sometimes i follow a link to a jet story on a site other than the three main blogs i read, this one, tjb and toj, and when i do i avoid the comments because they attract idiots like bugs to a light. i avoid the other fansided sites. there is simply a shortage of fair media to read or listen to and the common fan doesn’t know where to find fair, honest reporting. the average sports fan is so misinformed and so full of juvenile thoughts that it is extremely difficult to hold an intelligent sports conversation. i’m about ready to print out a little questionnaire to hand out before engaging in sports talk. ‘could you answer these ten questions for me please, before we start?’ then i’ll know what i’m getting myself involved in. there’s nothing quite like thinking you’re about to engage in an intelligent conversation and then someone quotes wfan’s fathead mike. kinda like eating crackers in bed.

    • TheJetPress

      I can’t blame you Matr…always glad that you stick with us.

  • matr dontelli iii

    i’d give anything to know how long mannish spent plucking his eyebrows for that picture

    • TheJetPress


  • Dustin Schrank

    Wow its funny, I didn’t hear any of this before this article, but I did keep thinking man its crazy how Rex always defends marks poor play and says theres more to it than just the throw, but as soon as he gets a chance to throw geno under the bus he did, he repeated it several times how “it was brutal out there” “it was his worst practice” “alls you can say is it was a bad day” but when mark threw ints early on in cortland Rex defended him saying “look mark can play in this league, we’ve seen it before” I don’t know about a conspiracy but I know rex is infatuated with Mark and Idzik wants a fair competition, Rex will try his best to get Mark out there but I think it will be a fair competition because I dont think Idzik will take Rex crap. If you watch the rex interviews you would almost have to be blind to not see that he wants Mark to win, now you have to watch them all from the start of training camp and you will get a feel of how he minimizes sanchez mistake but maximizes genos, Example, he says how geno should always have two hands on the ball, mark does this all the time watch when he ran with the ball in preseason had it way away from his body extended until he got accross the line of scrimage then he tucked it in, Rex has never publicly said anything about the way mark holds it. I dont think Rex can speak poorly about mark without giving him a compliment immediately after.

    • TheJetPress

      Not unfair Dustin, I do agree that he has an extreme loyalty to Mark. I just don’t think there is some great conspiracy to keep Geno down.