Oct 23, 2011; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets fan Fireman Ed cheers during the first half at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Could Fireman Ed Make a Part-Time Comeback?

What a point of debate this past week, huh? The Jets unveil a special procedure to do the once famous “J! E! T! S!” chant. This brought our fan base up in arms, including myself, if you saw my post from earlier this week. People were calling for Fireman Ed to return to his post in our stadium, and to help keep the tradition going.

Well, it turns out that Fireman Ed might be back with us after all. He has been asked by the Jets to return, and has said no in the past. But he is still considering a part-time basis. Specifically, working for big games only. Here it is right from the man himself about returning and about the new situation:

I just want to see the ‘J-E-T-S’ chant continue,” he said. “What I’d really like to see — I’d like to see a young guy take over and do it his way and continue the Jets chant whatever way that might be. I did what I wanted to do. I tried to make a difference. It wasn’t about me, it never was. … I understand what the Jets are doing; they’re trying to keep it going. I’m not mad at them.”

He also revealed that the Jets called him to ask “about reviving his role in getting the crowd active.” Anzalone replied “It’s just the way it is. But I will always love them, and down the line who knows? I wouldn’t come back on a consistent basis but if you needed me for a big game, who knows?”

If you haven’t met Fireman Ed, I hope you do. He is really a terrific guy. It’s a shame he had to quit due to all of the harassment. You will get excited if he decides to return, he is an EXCITING football player.

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  • Jet4evr

    Bring him back. If the fans are harassi. Him move him to club level front row on the fifty yard line end of story. Can’t take away this jets tradition. Go jets…..

    • TheJetPress

      I agree…terrible that he is gone.

  • Paul Newbold

    Good luck ED, thanks for many memories of Jet games. You will be missed. I met Ed several times, one hell of a nice guy! Maybe he can show up for the Super Bowl? J- E- T- S!!!!

    • TheJetPress

      I agree Paul..he is a terrific guy, as I have met him a couple times, and even interviewed him for this website. Maybe he can for the Super Bowl

  • matr dontelli iii

    i often wonder if there is a relationship between the jets super bowl drought and the fans nearly as lengthy penchant for booing the quarterback mercilessly while begging for the backup, only to repeat once the backup becomes the starter. while the majority of the fan base is ready to move on from markie, i believe the vocal portion of the readers of this site are at least prudent enough to realize that geno will not be the solution until he is ready, as opposed to ‘throw him in there, he can’t do worse than mark’ mentality that is prevalent elsewhere. given what happened last year with fans and i use the term extremely loosely, likely inebriated, harassing ed to the point where he ‘stepped down’ from his perch, i can’t imagine him returning while mark is still the qb. and if the team is contacting him regarding the chant they should be doing something to protect him, though i’m not quite sure how that would work. what’re they gonna do? provide a security detail from his home to his seats and guard him throughout the game? i mean, when fans get stupid they know no bounds. does anybody really think he can tailgate without being harassed? i’d be afraid to go into the restroom without backup. yay, we’re fans. pass me another bud. maybe that’s the problem, if the fans were consuming the other kind of buds maybe they’d be a little less loutish. whoops, where’d that come from?

    • TheJetPress

      You want to know my real opinion? I wish they didn’t serve alcohol at the game, because many of the ppl drink too much and become nasty. But, people are allowed to drink what they want, so my wish will never happen. It’s just a shame that it ends up driving a guy like Fireman Ed away, what did he do wrong? Cheer for his team? Wear a jersey? OOHHH. What an SOB! How dare he wear the jersey he chooses!
      It’s unbelieveable, the way people act.

      • matr dontelli iii

        alcohol affects everyone differently. virtually every physical altercation i’ve been, or almost been, involved in has been alcohol induced. fortunately i’ve reached the point where i rarely drink and even more rarely drink in public. if alcohol consumption is going to lead to antisocial behavior it should be avoided. this is not something the people making money from its sale will ever legislate. it can only be done by the consumers. the ones selling it will only help by making it ridiculously expensive, which they’ve done. going to games and getting drunk and obnoxious has become the ‘great american pastime’ and it is unfortunate. i wish i could blame espn, but in this rare case, i can’t.

        • TheJetPress

          It would be nice to blame espn, wouldn’t it?

    • Paul Newbold

      One of many reasons I no longer have season tickets, and don’t attend games any longer! The last game I attended, I took my grandson, his first pro football game, by the time I left the stadium I vowed never to step into it again!! Woody took my tickets with his stupid and outrageously priced PSL’s, and the drunk, obnoxious fans ended many fond memories of watching the Jets play. And for the record…there was plenty of the other “bud” being consumed as well. I guess the NFL is no longer for kids and old men. :(