May 22, 2013; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith (7) throws a pass while being watched by offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg during the New York Jets organized team activities at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Five Reasons to be Excited About the 2013 New York Jets: #5

It’s almost here, Jets fans. Training camp is just around the corner as the team will be arriving at SUNY Cortland on the 25th. Football is just about back! How great is this? We are all 0-0, as I have said many times before. Anything can happen. Rebuilding? Blah, blah, blah! It’s a great time of year, where we can dream.

Over the past several days, I have been keeping it real but reviewing some reasons to be concerned about the upcoming season. We have our questions, as optimistic as I am, we sure do. I am not trying to be naïve and say no. But now, we are going to get excited. Specifically, we are going to now go through five reasons to be EXCITED about the 2013 New York Jets, again in no particular order.

So to get the ball rolling, here is your #5 reason:


What is Alan doing? Are you guys thinking that? You probably should, as if you read the last countdown, you know that I included Marty as a reason to be concerned about the 2013 team. So, how the heck can I say we should be excited about him too? I’m glad you asked, I will tell you.

Yes, this is the third offensive system in three seasons. There is the possibility of things going South as they did last year. But, if they can master the West Coast system, it is the best fit for the skill set of the incumbent quarterback, Mark Sanchez.

Mark Sanchez has been a turnover machine, even I will not be blind to that. But, let’s think about his game for a minute. When does he get into trouble? Is it when he is throwing a quick slant, after taking a three step drop? No. It’s when he is going back seven steps, pounding that football a couple of times and looking downfield. He over thinks, and he gives the football away.

We have talked about the principles of the West Coast offense before, it’s about quick drops and getting rid of the ball quickly. You, as the quarterback, go through your progression of wide receivers, and get the ball out quickly. Don’t get me wrong, Mark has to understand how these progressions work, otherwise he will be a turnover machine again. But, the system DOES NOT give Mark time to pound the football and over think.

If Mark pounds the football, the defense should start putting their helmets on.

I believe the system will eventually work well for Geno Smith as well. There will be nerves, heading into a pro game as a rookie, I don’t care what anybody says. This system is a system where the decisions are essentially made for you. What could be better for a rookie than that?

So there you have my first reason to be excited.

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  • matr dontelli iii

    i know you’re listing the reasons randomly but i think this is one of the most important reasons to be excited. after complaining about schotty for years we were fortunate to only suffer through a single dosage of sparano. we’ve done our suffering, now it’s time to enjoy a real and hopefully competent, nfl quality offense. my local high school ran a more legitimate offense than we saw last year. sheeesh.

    • TheJetPress

      not untrue mr. d……I I was doing it in order, I probably would have put this first…..but like you said I was writing it random.

  • Paul Newbold

    I always seem to be the odd man out when the discussion comes to Marty. I live not far from Philly and have watched more of my share of Eagles games since moving here. That said, Marty didn’t impress me in his tenure there. Remember, he was going to resurrect Vick’s career! During those years he had some of the most porous offensive lines in the league, not due to lack of talent, they drafted high along that line. His running game was respectable, his passing game was average while he had a surplus of talented receivers. I know he has had great success in building top notch offenses, and I know hes much better then his predecessors. I just don’t expect much from him this season, he lacks talent at WR and TE (two key positions in his WC). He needs to rebuild an offensive line who for the most part haven’t played together. And I know everyone is predicting 1000 yds for Ivory this season, but the Jets and Marty need more then a 1000 yds out of the backfield! Greene gave them that much, and Marty is accustomed to having a much better backfield. If everything goes perfect and the pieces fall together 8-8. otherwise 5-11. Marty is good, but he’d need to be a miracle worker to turn this offense into a competitor in less then a year. Good Luck Marty!!

    • TheJetPress

      Not unfair Paul….Marty has his work cut out for him this year. If this offense made a major turnaround it might be the best job he every did.

    • matr dontelli iii

      i can understand having doubts about marty. what i don’t understand is where last year’s squad as better than this one, or more accurately, why you would think this year’s team would win fewer games than last year’s. i dont see the quarterback staying on the field producing dozens of turnovers, nor do i see any productive players who left, but we’ll see what happens.

      • Paul Newbold

        Matr..just my two cents. I see them loosing more then last year as both the personnel and systems are new. Probably a new QB (at some point), two new guards on the offense line, lack of talent at key WC positions. That’s a lot for any team, but compound that with the media scrutiny they will be under and I think its a high order to expect everything to go smoothly and increase the win totals. Always hoping, but we’ve all been through this rebuilding thing before. The defense has its adjustments to make as well, it might be messy for a bit, every D would have its struggles after loosing so many veterans. Like I said, just my two cents. :)

        • matr dontelli iii

          i understand your points. maybe i’m too optimistic but i just can’t go into the season already expecting doom. once it starts if they suck, they suck and there’s no sugarcoating it for me, but i go in expecting (hoping for) success. i (blindly) even expected a winning record last year. but who thought sparano would be a such a steep downgrade from schotty? i just look at how ridiculously inept the offense was last year, the weekly disasters produced by the (not-so) special teams and the inability of the defense to get key stops and hope that the removal of pettine and sparano and the addition of marty and greater input of rex on defense will enable the team to exceed expectations like in 2009. i’ve almost completely removed the negative media from my information sources. no espn, nfln, nydn and very limited exposure to yahoo, ny post etc. i wish others would do the same. before i found sites like this one i spent too much time reading those ‘other sources’ and regularly becoming frustrated by their lack of insight. how gary meyers keeps his job is a mystery to me. until i see a filip bondy column. then i realize there is no good reason to read the nydn.

          • Paul Newbold

            100% Agree on the news sources, I’d go the extra mile and include the “Official New York Jet” site. I enjoy your optimism and the points you make, I’m just a long time Jet fan who tries to look at the team and be realistic. I’ve read the hype over the years, convinced myself this would be the year, and spent a small fortune on tickets! As I’ve matured as a football fan, it has become much easier to accept the team’s shortcomings and then just sitting back and rooting for my team. The Jets will be what they will be in 2013, I’ll sit in front of the TV set, cheer them on, curse at the refs and our players, enjoy some cold beverages as I do every yr, and hope and pray “this is the year”. Even though I know its not!! Its become a Jet tradition in this house !! LOL

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