May 22, 2013; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith (7) throws a pass while being watched by offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg during the New York Jets organized team activities at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Discussion Topic: What Can We Expect from the New York Jets Offense?

Time for me to take a break from my opinion, I want to hear yours.

If as many people as possible that read this leave a comment, we can write a good article with your opinions. So, please do.

The topic is what to expect from the Jets offense. Let’s look at the very interesting set of facts.

We have a new offensive coordinator, bringing the third offense in the last three years. We have a quarterback position competition, where all of the competitors have negative factors behind them. It has been discussed enough, we all know what they are.

The running back group is all new, led by former Saints’ RB Chris Ivory. It should lead to quite a change from Shonn Greene. You have all seen the tape of Ivory, he runs as angry as anyone we have ever seen. Before the legal process runs it course, Mike Goodson is in the mix as well, as well as Bilal Powell, and for now, Joe McKnight. The running attack has the potential to be quite exciting.

And then we have the group of wide receivers, and the question marks that are there. How is that going to play out? Time will only tell.

So, I want to write an article based on your opinions. So, please, sound off below, telling us what YOU expect from the Jets offense. Do it, and you will see yourself featured in an article here at the Jet Press.

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  • Gavin Buck, London (UK)

    Hello, here is my two penneth….

    My view is that despite the myriad of questions re. the jets offense which have been discussed ad nauseum, the upshot is, how on earth can it be worse than last year?

    2012 saw a feature back for whom a 4 yard carry on 1st down was a cause for celebration. A receiving corps who could not stay healthy and when they were on the field were attached, limpet-like to coverage and if they did escape it, they drpped it. You had injured tight ends plus one whose understanding of a hot route was so inept he got hit in the head.

    Then there was the QB situation with a guy who completrly lost all confidence and when ge did make a play snd got some rhythm, he was yanked so Tebow could run the ball for two yards.

    All this was ked by Sporano. Nuff said.

    With all the 2012 shenanigans, I think the only way is up for this offense as it cannot get any worse.

    • TheJetPress

      Thanks for stopping by Gavin. Welcome from London.
      That’s a pretty negative viewpoint, although I think a lot of people share it with you.

  • Dean Barbella

    Alan –

    You posed some good questions. Here’s my opinion:

    Regarding the new Offensive Coordinator, I think, we finally have Rex’s equal in Marty Mornhinweg. That said, Marty hasn’t had a chance to pick his groceries – see last four Jets 1st rounders (all Defense).

    Marty needs to make due with who’s here. Underachievers like McKnight might blossom, and guys like Ivory and Goodson might stumble.

    This is a roster in transition; yet, will eventually prevail – just fast enough for Sanchez to keep his job. We have a too many changes on the offensive line and a brutal October versus Pittsburgh, Baltimore and New England.

    Even if the offensive line holds up and Sanchez doesn’t check down, will he have anyone to throw to?

    Santonio is trying to bounce back from Lisfranc injury, and a raw development project in Stephen Hill. Good news is West Coast offense is predicated on short timing routes and Jeremy Kerley is King. Our Tight Ends… Not so good?!

    Regarding the QB competition, there Good News and Bad News.

    The Bad News is, Sanchez wins the starting job. The Good News is he’ll get benched. The Jets will experiment with Geno at Brad Smith role; and he’ll finish with the season with as our starter.

    Even better, Jets will draft a real QB, like Teddy Bridgewater with our 1st round pick. is projecting 5-QBs selected in the Top-10.

    Regarding the Running Back group, Chris Ivory and Mike Goodson (Thunder & Lightening) should be much improved over Shonn Greene. Yet, temper your enthusiasm for the ground and pound, because our line is still developing. Plus, a lot of yards are gonna come from catches out of the backfield and finding open field mix matches in the flat.

    Again, guys already on our roster, like Joe McNight and Bilal Powell could have markedly improved contributions, because they catch well. The Rumor Mill has it that McKnight is on the bubble, but don’t count him out – like he said… “over his dead body.”

    Regarding the Wide Receiving Corps, the best case scenario is (a) Holmes is healthy (b) Stephen Hill learns to separate from the defense… not the football (c) Jeremy Kerley just keeps on getting better! (d) a UDFA like Zach Rogers steps up. (e) That’s a lot of ifs, so I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

    • TheJetPress

      You are right, a lot of if’s. May not happen, unfortunately you are right there too. Good to hear from you again, it has been a while.

  • Dean Barbella

    Why are my comments awaiting moderation?

    • TheJetPress

      Not sure why it did that Dean…give me a few minutes I will fix it

      • Dean Barbella

        All fixed. Thank you!

        • TheJetPress

          It’s good to be the moderator LOL

  • Jetsluva

    Marty IMO has already started picking his own groceries with the drafting of Geno. Based on the Glee he expressed about how excited he was dining with Geno and then watching him on his pro day hitting every pass a QB needs to make. Marty was the biggest booster on behalf of Geno. They could’ve gone with any other QB but it’s no accident they chose Geno. That’s because Marty believes he has what it takes to succeed in his system. I agree and I think Geno will beat out Sanchez when they put the pads on. Geno is simply a better pure passer than Sanchez, has a stronger and more accurate arm, better legs and pocket presence.

    Also the OL has much more talent and depth. I think that there’s much more strength on the offense than given credit for. The RB talent is increased and with Marty having better plays involving the RB’s I think it’s going to be a strength of this team. Even the TE spot is not as bad as the media is making it out to be. We should have more depth at WR even if we don’t have a lot of marquee name talent. I think it all adds up to an offense that is simply more productive than last year. Not spectacular but not the worst either.

    • TheJetPress

      All good points sir…

    • Bennny K

      I pray that Geno wins the starting QB. Truthfully he can’t turn the ball over more than mark and he is more accurate. So, why won’t we start Geno?

  • Mike Rakvica

    I think unless Sachez has a huge meltdown he will play the whole season. I think the team learned their lesson with Tebow and Sanchez in his early years and will do everything in their power not to rush Geno into the starting role until he is fully ready. I think Sanchez will surprise us all a little and score somewhere around 22 touchdowns and have around 16 turnovers. The running game will definitely be improved and I could see Ivory rushing over 1000 yards or at least have that from scrimmage and have Goodson add another 600ish yards too. With the improved line the offense will definitely be better than last year, I am a firm believer in the idea that games are won in the trenches and our team will lay it all on the line no matter who is under center. Maybe I’m being a little too optimistic but I think our offense will definitely have a little more zip than last year and Sanchez will be the one to lead the team.

    • TheJetPress

      Thanks for the input Mike. I actually agree, I think Mark will step up. I don’t know how long you have been reading my stuff, but if you have at all you know I am the eternal optimist regarding Mark Sanchez. We’ll see what happens.

      • Mike Rakvica

        I have been reading the Jets Press for a few years now and I love everyone who writes here because they don’t just write things to try to get people mad or all up in arms. There’s always quality stuff here please keep it up!

    • Jetsluva

      It’s funny but the media is really not paying attention to the details of the Jets and just spouting the cliche lines of a Jets Circus. Quietly the Jets added some good young talent, vets that came off injury but could be solid and they’ve moved past draft picks up into starting roles. This is a team that has beefed up DL and OL as you pointed out. That along with better coaching from Rex and Marty is gonna bare results.

    • Steven Windeler

      I think games are won in the mind of the OC. If Sanchez starts, MM will not allow him time to melt down. Our Oline was not the problem last year, but injuries, and play calling were. We have no backs, or TEs that can pass block yet they were left in to block all the time. Teams consistently blitzed, and stunted on us, yet Sporano had no answer for them. There were countless opportunities to use this aggressiveness against them, but teams knew we never would so they continued to become more, and more bold. Sanchez should have stood, and delivered, but Sporano should never have put him in the situation either.

  • fourbten

    The Jets have the worst collection of receivers in the league, and a quarterback that is incapable of raising their level. As a consequence, they are the easiest team in the NFL to defend against – bring in your safeties and play the run. Without any running game there is no play-action.
    We have had a steady diet of this for two years and I can’t see what they have done to change it.

    • Steven Windeler

      This article was left vague purposefully, but yet mentioned the new OC with a WCO, all new RBs, and a new QB, but you can’t see they’ve done anything to change it. Interesting.

    • Mehl81

      Can’t see changes? New O coordinator? Drafted top QB? New running backs? Much improved O line? Last years 2nd rd pick a WR that is a physical freak? No chance he improves? An improved defense that will help give the offense better field position? Any of this ring a bell?

      • fourbten

        Except for Kerley, the receivers stink (especially Hill). Until they convince defenses to fear the deep pass, they will get a steady diet of “eight on the box”.

  • Steven Windeler

    The biggest off season acquisition was Marty Mornhinweg. Shotty was bad, but Sporano had no sense of a plan at all. We still won 6 games which I think is a testament to Rex’ ability. Marty is not going to let the QB sit back there and double clutch. He’s not going to keep backs, and TEs in to block when they are not capable. He’ll have them run hot routes instead, and get the ball out quickly. He won’t tip off the defense, but set them up with similar looking plays. Santonio, Hill, and Geno are the biggest questions. If they all play well we could have a pretty good offense, but even without them MM will make us an average offense, which is the best we’ve ever had under Rex. With Rex’ taking back control of the defense, I think that’ll be enough to keep us in every game. It all comes down to how many we pull out, but we’ll be far from the laughing stock the media is hoping for.

    • TheJetPress

      Thanks Steven for the input. I totally hope you are right, it will be nice to surprise everybody and be better than expected.

  • Nep Oznat

    This offense will surprise a lot of people, especially the “experts” in the media. Why? Because for the first time in a decade we have a COMPETENT Offensive Coordinator not nincompoops like Schottenheimer and Sparano who couldn’t devise a good game plan or call plays well if their life depended on it.

    Unfortunately it won’t be one of the high powered, high-scoring offenses that you need to go far these days. Sanchez will win the job and have his best year as far as TD/INT ratio but don’t look for 3000+ yards passing due to the worst WR and TE corps in the League. We will be hugely helped by the running game because we are so much improved at the RB spots.

    So, look for a pretty conservative approach, running the ball, lots of short stuff in the air, and occasional deep pass – kind of like 2009 but better. Competence and efficiency but not flash and fireworks. Definitely not an embarrassment like the last 2 years.

    • TheJetPress

      I hope so Nep.

  • Piazza31nyj

    I know for a fact that the offense will be nothing like we’ve saw from last year’s unit. Marty will make us a competent offense that is probably going to rank 20th-23rd. The passing game won’t be great but I think Hill and Cumberland will grow tremendously from last year. The Jets offense will run the ball just as much as they pass and that is a good thing. I think as long as he stays healthy Ivory will have a 1000 yard season.

    • TheJetPress

      All fair points….thanks for the thoughts

  • Harvlis

    The success of our offense starts with our Offensive Line. We are replacing our two starting guards so, nobody has any realistic idea of what this offense will be able to do. The four candidates for the positions are: Willie Colon, who we picked up from the Steelers. Willie has only played guard for a short period of time, is no spring chicken, and has had injuries recently. If he can stay healthy, which is a big IF, I believe he would be solid at his position; Stephen Peterman who, is coming off a poor season in Detroit but, does have lots of experience as a starting guard; Vladimir Ducasse, who has only showed us glimpses of his true ability, after being drafted by us in 2010: and Brian Winters, our third round draft pick, who is very tough and versatile but, does come from a small school (Kent State). Most Jet fans feel that the two players who emerge from this competition will be able to solidify our line. I am hoping that those two players are Vladimir Ducasse and Brian Winters. Both are big, strong, young, healthy, and have a mean streak in them. You can talk about Marty M, Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith, our hot, new running back group, Stephen Hill, Kellen Winslow, and anyone else on offense but — they are all going to need this O-line to make them look good.

    • TheJetPress

      I feel the same way about the O-Line Harvlis….everything goes from there

  • matr dontelli iii

    potentially the most important change the jets made in the offseason was the replacement of the completely overwhelmed tony sparano for a man who regularly heads top ten offenses, marty mornhinweg. to those who haven’t been paying attention, he has done this with different players at each stop, not the same eleven continuously. he makes do with backup quarterbacks and backup skill position players, with elite offensive lines and not-so-elite lines. sparano reduced tebow to a fake punt specialist (which was actually the work of the other coordinator who coached him). quite the upgrade in my opinion. the offensive line, while some parts are new additions, should be competent from the start with mangold, ferguson and howard returning and colon and winters the projected guards. once they get a few games under their collective belts we may see a top-notch line which could propel us to a top-five running game. we’ve seen the ivory and goodson highlights and most of us are drooling while we wait to see them in action. when they’re not running like their jobs are on the line we may see powell and mcknight spelling them. with marty anything is possible coming out of the backfield and given the expected state of the receiving corps we may see the whole bunch of them at times. oh yeah, and we’ve got a new fullback who is known for his blocking and pass catching abilities. marty will probably make him a useful addition as well. these guys will be replacing the production of shonn greene, lex hilliard as well as the ‘forgotten man’ status of mcknight all year and powell for half the season. hmmmm, sounds promising. tight end? wow we lost dustin keller and his 28 receptions for 317 yards. i’ll bet marty is losing tons of sleep over that! good riddance! he should be yet another fine addition for the dolphins. hayden smith’s espresso machine should make up for keller’s production, and if he steps up like many expect? well, we won’t be lamenting the loss of keller if smith steps up. cumberland should be somewhat improved and anything we get from winslow would be bonus yardage. at wide receiver we should see more out of hill, not less, even if it’s only slight improvement. i know holmes health is in question but we’re looking to see improvement on 20 catches for 272 yards. with marty running the offense. should be doable. kerley should get better, not worse. now we’re looking to get more production from spadola, white, obomanu, rogers et. al. than we got from gates, schillens, edwards and the bunch. are you kidding me? i wouldn’t be surprised if rogers tops that bunch by himself. last season we had an overwhelmed quarterback with an overwhelmed coordinator with an underwhelming bunch of no-name, injured and replacement skill position players whose names he didn’t even know at times, often joining the team on tuesday in order to play on sunday, not to mention nobody threatening his job. this year we’ve got the returning starter from last year who claims this offense is perfect for him, as well as a strong-armed and accurate backup who is just as proficient at fumbling as the returning starter (which is my biggest concern with him) as well as probably one of the better third-string qbs in the league. if one falters the other goes in. if he falters the next one is up. the head coach knows he’s coaching for his job and the players know they’re playing for theirs. my biggest concern is injuries, over which we have no control. if we suffer too many injuries we may be in trouble but i still think marty will find a way to make them productive. i expect this offense, despite its perceived deficiencies to improve to mid-level at worst and i wouldn’t be shocked if marty finds a way to get them into the top fifteen of the league. if you have doubts i would suggest listening to fathead mike on wfan and then checking out what a good forecaster he is. then i think you’ll agree.

  • matr dontelli iii

    wow, so many new (to me) faces. glad to see you folk. don’t be strangers. alan runs a nice site here and the dialogue is usually much better than at the other blog sites. we can always use more commenters. please stick around. this may be a great season. i can’t wait!

    • TheJetPress

      thanks matr…….he is right, the more commenters the merrier please!

  • TheJetPress

    Thanks to everyone for leaving comments….I won’t be able to use everyone’s in the article, so sorry in advance. Will use a handful.

  • ifti99

    The Jets offense will almost certainly be anemic. Anyone who thinks otherwise is dreaming. A patchwork offensive line, a horrible QB, iffy RBs and sup-par receivers do not bode well. Add in a tight end who is at the end of his career and it adds up to a bottom five offense.

    • TheJetPress

      Very possible scenario too. Thanks for the input.