Jun 11, 2013; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan during the New York Jets minicamp session at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Is Head Coach Rex Ryan a Great Head Coach, or a Lucky Defensive Coordinator?

If you are a fan of this blog, you know that I am a big fan of Rex Ryan. Here is a guy that, as opposed to past occupants of his seat, wants to be here for the long-term. It’s been an interesting ride with him at the helm too, has it not? From 2 title appearances today, it has been a roller coaster. He’s going into his fifth year at the helm, maybe a lame duck season. We know he has hired Marty Mornhinweg to work as the offensive coordinator, and to independently run the offense.

Despite my feelings toward Rex, I have started thinking about his abilities as a head coach. Actually, one of our staff writers got me thinking. Take a look at the piece, published yesterday by Sean Durham.  He talks about keeping coach Ryan and his influence away from Geno Smith.

You know what got me thinking?  Read the piece, Sean is 100% right.  Rex’s knowledge, and ability to coach offense, is limited, and that is being kind.  It’s bad, that is why Marty has to be able to run the offense independently.

Is that a head coach?  I am beginning to wonder.

Shouldn’t a head coach have their hands on everything?  If you watch “A Football Life” when it profiled hoodie, they take note of meetings between him and his quarterback, to talk game planning.  For anyone who doesn’t know, Belichick’s background is defense, but yet he has his hands on the offense.

That is what a head coach does.

If you leave one part of the game to an assistant, and don’t visit with it at all, you run the risk of their being problems that you aren’t aware of.  2011, and Santonio Holmes being benched come to mind as a prime example.  Problems in the locker room that season ring in my head as well.  Don’t we want the head coach to have a hand on everything, so this doesn’t become an issue?

On the other hand, he did get to 2 straight AFC title games, as we all know.  But, this happened despite the dreaded color coded wristband.  Sean reminded us of it in his article, and he is dead on that it may have affected Mark’s development.  But the Jets made the appearances anyway, which could make one think that they made it to the title game IN SPITE of coach Ryan.

Now we are in 2013 and Marty Mornhinweg is here to run the Jets offense.  Rex Ryan is going to be calling the defensive plays, and spending less time with the offense.

Is this what a head coach should be doing?  On one hand, they should have their hands on everything.  On the other hand, a good coach should also be able to delegate.  Maybe that is what we have here, a perfect example of delegation, because Rex knows he doesn’t handle offense well.

So, we have a guy that led us to 2 AFC title games, but since then has shown his flaws as a coach.  Now he brings in a coordinator to run the offense so he doesn’t have to.  So, with all of this information, what do you think?  Is Rex a great head coach?  Or, is he a defensive coordinator that got lucky in 2009-2010?

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  • Paul Newbold

    He should have already been fired. Rex is a good defensive coordinator, not a head coach. You spoke of his lack of offensive knowledge, and he surely lacked that when he was hired. He’s had 4 yrs though, no growth, much like his QB. He is supposed to be a “player’s coach”, the only sign of that I see is he acts badly like many of his players. He has lost control of his locker room, his handling of the media is horrendous and his game management can be questioned regularly. That being said, his need for the spotlight, his endless pursuit of a headline, and his arrogance will be his down fall, I believe Idjik hand picks his own coach to replace him at season’s end..or even sooner if things get ugly. Maybe he’ll stay on as a defensive coordinator…oops forgot, his ego is too big to accept that job! Bye – Bye Rex!

    • TheJetPress

      All fair points. I actually think his downfall will be more from his loyalty to players that are past their prime

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.willie.509 Joe Willie

    In today’s culture 1 dope says something on a crapy cable channel and its the truth. All the crap about Rex should be more into the offensive side of the ball and he has lost the lockeroom? LOL

    Giant coach Tom Coughlin lost the lockerroom a few times with players mouthing off about contract, players attacking other players, player arrests and so on and they we lucky enough to win a few SB’s so please save it!
    Did Bill Walsh get involved on the defensive side when the49ers won all those SB’s? No! he left that to George Sefert . How much did Mike Ditka get involved with the Bears defense when Rex’s father buddy was there? LOL

    STOP watching the screaming heads on morning sport filler programs and know what your talking about. GO JETS!!! we will win more games this year then the ravens the giants and maybe even the cheating pats. GO JETS!

    • Piazza31nyj

      Love the optimism Joe!

    • Bill Doerr

      The Jet’s have one of the NFLs top 3 WORST STARTING QBs W/ absolutely ZERO offensive weapons including no run game , and a injured Holmes on the PUP List. Their is no way the Jets win more games than Giants or Ravens. They don’t have the offensive to do it. Mark Sanchez is a horrible QB n they provided with no weapons to throw to and expect the guy to produce. The Jets will be luck to go 6-10 again that would be their ceiling , there Floor is 1 win. I think they win between 3-5 game’s at most . That would be best for the Jets. Fire REX RYAN , Get a new coaching staff, pick in the top 4 and draft a franchise QB in a loaded QB class. Geno Smith is not starting caliber material and Sanchez will be let go at the end of the year.

    • TheJetPress

      Hey hey Joe…I still know what I am talking about….ya big meany head…lol
      I was just posing it as a question. I see both ways, I see your thinking, and I see the other side. Good points though, on the other coaches that didn’t touch one half of the game.

  • Angel

    I like how the GM got fired but not Rex. And whenever I think of Sanchez. i think of butt fumble…….. Haha. Jets are better with Rex and Sanchez believe it or not. Take them both away and what do you got??? Think about it….. I feel bad for Jets. 1 Superbowl and it was ages ago..

    • TheJetPress

      Hopefully he can get past that butt fumble someday

    • http://www.facebook.com/joe.willie.509 Joe Willie

      screw you and ur giants –u got real lucky 2x like stepping in crap–this yr the Jet will hve more wins then the boys in blue.

  • matr dontelli iii

    riddle me this batman: why in the hell would someone who hates the head coach, hates the quarterback, dislikes many of the rest of the players as well as the front office root for that team? and what level of boredom must one reach, especially in the summer when there are a million things to do outdoors, pass their time by reading and commenting on the blog of a team they’re not a fan of? sheesh. the jets won six games last year with everything going wrong. they’re gonna do worse this year? yup, that’s what they say on espn so it must be true. what did people talk about before the buttfumble? oh that’s right, they watched gangnam style. duh. and holy crap! we’ve got a cardinals fan in here mocking the jets!?!? one of the six teams we beat in our worst season in a decade is gonna mock the jets!?! the high-scoring cardinals?!? i didn’t think espn broadcast in arizona. wow! i’m glad i got that much out. i’m speechless. the cardinals?!?! yikes! maybe tomorrow we’ll move up and get some raider fans mocking us. at least their pictures will be funny looking. cardinals! cardinals! i think i need a drink!

    • TheJetPress

      LOL….hang in there Matr it will be OK