The New England Patriots’ Window is Closing

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With the news this week that Rob Gronkowski underwent his 5th surgery, this time for a troublesome back, and Aaron Hernandez at best obstructed justice and at worst murdered a man it is time to look at how much longer New England can be elite.

It is fair to question whether Hernandez will ever play again and whether Gronkowski will be able to stay healthy or play to the level he has in the past. Hernandez is 23 and Gronkowski 24. They were cornerstones of the franchise and both recently received lucrative extensions. The mismatches they created  allowed the Patriots to run their no-huddle in unconventional personnel groupings that created confusion from the defenses they played against.

Tom Brady will soon be 36 years old and as great as he is Father Time is undefeated. Brady has maybe two more great years in him and perhaps two more above average ones after that. Bill Belichick is 61 years old and was a good coach but not a “genius” until he was paired with Brady. The weapons on offense are dwindling and the defense has been below average for a number of years only held together by Belichick’s coaching.

Belichick may come up with the next revolution in offensive football and get one more run at a title but it is clear that the window is closing. Their reign of terror over the AFC East has been ongoing since the turn of the century but all things come to an end. Be patient Jets fans better days are ahead days that don’t include having the shadow of the Patriots hanging over them.

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  • DB7King

    At least they have a window – Jets are buried under ground in a steel reinforced concrete bomb shelter – with no way out.

    • Joe Willie

      The Jets will win the AFC east with good young players and a real defensive genius Rex Ryan .. The pats will finish in 3rd place chowder breath

      • Lucky

        Are you that big of a fool or do you say these things because you need attention?

        • Joe Willie

          time will tell

          • Joe Willie

            they said I was a fool when I was 14 too: Jan 12, 1969

          • Craig Hoffman

            2006 and 2009 both occurred when the team were counted out and the comparisons between 2013 and 2009 are striking with a potential rookie QB, questions at WR and a blitz-happy defense led by a coach trying to prove himself.

          • Joe Willie


      • Paul V. Suffriti

        Rex Ryan will lose his job this year when the Jets finish below 500 and possible the basement team in the AFC EAST.

        Everyone around him has been the scapegoat for a mediocre team, time for him to step up and take the blame.

        • Joe Willie

          Rex is the best defensive mind in the game and this yr he has some players to kick ass –Jets best D-line since he’s been here and the CB diva is gone.
          Brady will be hit over and over again till he pleads for mercy like the Girl that he is.

          • Paul V. Suffriti

            Hey Joe, are you a member of gang green? Maybe we can compare notes as the season progresses. We can see if you are right about Rex and the Jets or if my assumption about Rex is correct…..could be fun during the season.

          • Joe Willie

            Paul–no GG here but Ill look into it–I dont keep notes I just blurt lol

          • Paul V. Suffriti

            cool…..I’ll check in with you during the preseason and regular season. I just keep mental notes…..and mental being the key word.

          • Joe Willie

            sounds good paisano

  • Piazza31nyj

    Hey at least it won’t be a jaguars or Raiders rebuild. If the Jets aren’t good this year meaning 8-9 wins then they will definetly be back in 2014.

    • Craig Hoffman

      The rebuild should be complete after 2014 they may need one more year for it all to gel but if they get it right they can contend quickly.

  • matr dontelli iii

    As long as Ernie Adams is talking into Brady’s headset up until the snap of the ball belichek will be a ‘genius’. He will likely retire when Brady does rather than try to find another quarterback with whom they can cheat. When the quarterback knows where the defense is and what they’re doing it makes everyone’s jobs easier – receivers, coaches etc. that’s why their coordinators can’t coordinate outside of their organization and also why they can play seasons without coordinators. It’s also why the QB has always been underpaid by nfl standards. But that is also why Rex’s defense has been effective against them and why it’s so important to have defensive players who are interchangeable. If Ernie can’t tell what they’re gonna do he can’t tell Brady and their whole offense becomes less efficient. Bottom line is they will be a contender as long as Brady and Adams are in place and the jets will always be capable of beating thm when they don’t turn it over. For more details read ‘spy gate’

  • Joe Willie

    most overrated coach in the history of the NFL–won 3 superbowls by a total of 9 pts–hasn’t one without Parcells picking the players for him–for almost a decade now—-hasn’t won one without cheating taping the other teams practices –the only thing he innovated was Fluties drop kick–the guy is a cheating fagazi

    • Craig Hoffman

      He is definitely helped immensely by having a franchise quarterback to bail him out. I will give him the fact that he started the two tight end trend and has made really bad players into decent defenses.

      • Joe Willie

        Joe Gibbs brought in 2 TEs in the 80s

        • Craig Hoffman

          two TEs as primary threats in a hurry up offense was an evolution of New England’s offense and something the league has had to adjust to

  • mojosnake257

    the pats are brainsplat..,,,,”.its all over now Babyblue”…

  • Paul Newbold

    Hey, I’m a Jet fan, but give credit where credit is due. The Patriot’s front office has kept a quality football team on the field for over a decade for its fan base. That is no small feat. I’m still in shock after the Hernandez news. NE will be competitive this year and for years to come I think. The Jets are in rebuild, I think Idjik has laid some good foundation blocks this year. With an upgrade in offense next season, things could be looking up in 2015. In the meantime it should be fun to watch !

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