Mike Francesa, aka loudmouth, has been basically an annoyance to New York Jets' readers. Whether it was done on purpose go drive the fans nuts. Was he trying to be extra , nasty to Mets issues for the heck of it? I doubt it. You would think he would have the abililty to keep some of that in decline, for the simple good of his team.

One Reason to Get Excited for the 2013 New York Jets' Season

So, every year goes by, and we hear more and more of Mike Francesa attempting to teach the world how terribly the organization is run. Even though the leaks have stopped, the breaking stories have stopped, and the image is clearly changing. But, not in Francesa’s eyes. Idzik was a bad idea in his opinion, he has no control. The organization still belongs to Rex. With two new running backs, are they really moving to WCO? Or are the Jets’ screwing this one up a well?

It gets to the point, where the Jets could do everything correctly, and how coaches tell them. But, it will turn up on TMZ. Wait until the news comes out, if Cromartie belches, it will the biggest story in the league. The mainstream media is determined to continue the “circus” image, no matter what?

So I was thinking about it, why do we even pay attention? Because he is so far over the top, that it bypasses rude and goes right to funny. Remember when John Idzik’s opening press conference took place? Mike used the words he wanted to hear to create an opinion.  He picks and chooses what he wants to use, and when you look past it and really listen, it’s funny. Take a listen:

Remember when Mike said Idzik never told us he made the final decision. However, you only came to that conclusion from the opening remarks. Someone asked him that question, who makes the final decision, and the response was , “I do.” That is just a microcosm of how Mike does his job. You can’t behave that way. You have to report both sides, otherwise you are not credible on the subject.

Someone of this has to be on purpose, don’t you think? He has gone so far off the deep end negative about the Jets, it’s almost as if the Jets slept with his wife. Am I right? He gets so predictable, ad so annoyed, that it is giggly laughable. Mike pieces together a story that suits his needs, and nobody every confronts him. Isn’t that evidence of at least to some degree, that he is trying to push buttons? Or can he really have this much of a hate agenda against a team in his market?

The scary part is that Francesa has some decent insights on other subjects, and even other NFL teams. But it comes to the Jets, and the pot is stirred daily. It must be on purpose.

But this is a reason to get excited about the upcoming season. The dialog between these players and the new chemistries with coordinators bares watching, and we will watch going ahead through the next few weeks. But whether you like it or not, it is certainly entertaining.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.willie.509 Joe Willie

    Great piece Alan, just what I was referring to concerning the bias media frenzy against the Jets -Francesa (AKA the sleeping fat guy) on his show just plays to his fellow Giant fans in a mob mentality taking their calls stoking the unfair prejudice hatred into a frenzy and when the Jet fans phone in with good points he just cut them off–In the longrun Mike Francesa hurts his own professional journalistic credibility with smart people in the know (media) in the same way New york dally news/ NY Post writer Dick Young did in his hatred and bias against the New York Mets in the 70s and 80′s. I told my fellow Jet fan nephew Nick who gets upset with the fat guy–just think of Francesa as any other schlep Giant fan w/a bias zero knowledge base. When Francesa utters the words NY Jets I turn the radio/TV off because he has lost all professional journalistic creditability and I wont waste my time listening. Plus I think Francesa really hates Rex Ryan even now more then ever because Rex took control of his weight problem for himself and family and Fat Mike cant! GO JETS! 2013 A year of REDEMPTION!

    • TheJetPress

      Thanks Joe! I agree with all of that. Good analogy, I’m too young to have been around for much of Dick Young’s exploits, but I have read and know some of it. Good thoughts.

      • http://www.facebook.com/joe.willie.509 Joe Willie

        Alan–think about writing a piece concerning a fan’s ‘critical mind” and the medias motives in a 24 hr news cycle with15 mins of real news–

        Steven Psargias above is right–it’s all about money.

        • TheJetPress

          That is actually a terrific idea Joe. I might do that in the next day or so. I like that idea, because you and Steven make great sense here.

          • http://www.facebook.com/joe.willie.509 Joe Willie

            Alan I think when u start to make it big you should consider me as one of your producers ;) Im a great idea man I just cant articulate it like you–too much poolhall when I should have been in school lol

          • TheJetPress

            LOL will give it a shot.

  • Steven Psargias

    Anything to make a buck.If Mr.Francesa cares so much about the Jets,why didn’t he say all these things to J.Idzik in person so that the GM’s and the teams image would not get blemished??Just wondering…Instead Mr.Francesa said all he said behind a mike and publicised it through the net….ANYTHING TO MAKE A BUCK. Does somebody actually pay this guy???????

    • http://www.facebook.com/joe.willie.509 Joe Willie

      the Yankees he shills for and WFAN–way too much money –I switched to -Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo great to listen too and very professional but they work for another hard to believe- over- hyped -Sensationalized mostly garbage network-ESPN which I never watch or listen too unless its a live game –totally no cred

      • matr dontelli iii

        i also used to try to pick and choose who to listen to on espn and wfan. it just got to the point where between the constant self promotion, every other sentence ending in ‘right here on espn ny 98.7′ or whatever the numbers are, and everything else espn being terrible, the majority of the windbags, the app, the writers, the abject stupidity and hypocrisy of things like broadcasting a college baketball game and giving serious face time to court-rushing fans followed by days upon days of discussion on the dangers of court rushing, i just don’t bother anymore. wfan is just as bad, worse when fathead is on. i get my jets info from here, toj and tjb along with the links they provide as well as a few other sites, baseball info from the post – i enjoy joel sherman’s column. dolan’s teams don’t matter anymore. he’s ruined the knicks. i followed them my whole life. i was hoping boston would eliminate them in the first round this year. dolan makes woodhead johnson look good. the wilpons do too for that matr. i gave up on the daily news last year, they proved that to be the right decision by taking pictures of rex and his wife on vacation. but as always espn is the worst.

    • TheJetPress

      Yup, it’s scary the stuff he gets away with.

  • matr dontelli iii

    i can only speak of what i read because i don’t listen to fathead mike. each week phil mushnick details a handful of wrong predictions fathead mike authoritatively makes on the air, while dismissing the possibility of anything happening to the contrary. fathead is so colossally wrong so often that one coud become rich betting against his picks. a fathead mike vote of confidence is as close to a kiss of death as you can get. i am certain he is one of those predicting a terrible year for us, probably less than six wins. if he thinks we’ll suck it’s time to start planning for the playoffs. watch and see. remember this post in january! truth, justice and the american way.

    • TheJetPress

      amen sir

  • Korwil

    Nice article. I saw one of those demotivational posters the other day with Francesa’s face that said “Retirement: For when you no longer add any value.” When it comes to the Jets, this is very true. It has gotten to the point where it almost seems like an act, because he is so deep into his opinion about the Jets forever being a circus. Right now, we are not a circus and we’re just like the other 32 teams in the league trying to get ready for the season, we just happen to have the most exciting QB battle (nobody really cares about Gabbert vs. Henne, am I right?).

    My favorite part of the article is you alluding to the Jets sleeping with his wife, because that is how it seems.

    • TheJetPress

      Isn’t it? It seems so obvious. The radio becomes predictable, and actually makes me laugh a bit. Glad you enjoyed.

    • http://www.facebook.com/joe.willie.509 Joe Willie

      by the looks of Francesa the father of his kids was a turkey baster

  • Don

    While I’m not yet ready to believe the Jet’s image completely changed, I will say it’s getting there. I DO agree that when it comes to the Jets, Francesca spins things the way he wants to believe them. It’s all because a few years ago the Jets got tired of him and no longer come on his shows. How dare they snub the all mighty sports radio god?? At least in his mind anyhow.

    • TheJetPress

      Exactly right Don, you have pegged Mike in a nutshell..