Meet the New York Jets Anonymous Source: Greg McElroy

There was some high comedy on Thursday when beat writers attacked beat writers, a national writer attacked a beat writer and that same national writer penned a story that was fueled by an anonymous Jet. Fortunately the whole thing seems to tie together nicely in the end.

About eight hours earlier Dan Leberfeld of Jets Confidential (@jetswhispers) posted a link to a story where he wonders why Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News and others were interviewing Greg McElroy when it was already reported that he was “out” of the quarterback competition. The story also included a picture of Mehta alone interviewing McElroy in the Jets locker room. The very obvious insinuation was that those talking to McElroy were looking for information from a disgruntled employee.

Meanwhile, at roughly the same time, Mike Freeman of CBS Sports (@realfreemancbs) released a small blurb within a story which said, “This from a Jets player, who asked not to be identified: “Everyone on the team likes Mark personally but there’s a general feeling among some of the players that maybe it’s time to give someone else a chance.” The player went on to say that he estimates that 80-90 percent of the team feels the same way he does.”

Roughly an hour after Leberfeld’s story showing a picture of Mehta and McElroy, Freeman had an interesting tweet. The tweet reads “I love when a guy who uses anonymous sources ALL THE TIME mocks when someone else does. Jesus.”. Manish Mehta uses anonymous sources all the time and was talking to McElroy so Mehta may have been experiencing some sour grapes that Freeman got the story first.

Let’s think about this logically. First Leberfeld calls out Mehta and others for pumping McElroy for information. Then a story breaks where an “anonymous Jet” thinks the Jets should give another quarterback a chance. Remember this is the same Greg McElroy who blasted his teammates after the 2011 season. It is pretty cut and dry in my mind that McElroy is the source and along with his outburst after 2011 it is best to see if there is a better 3rd string quarterback out there or risk having an anonymous source all year.


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  • Carnivore

    I’m trying to figure out which is more reliable, the reporter who uses unnamed sources, or the one who uses speculation and innuendo to name a source and calls it ‘thinking logically.’

    In the long list of crappy reporting by the Jets’ beat writers this makes the top 5.

    Seriously, if you know something more than just the timing of twatter twits and candid camera shots then write about it.

  • Craig Hoffman

    I’m not a beat writer I don’t have credentials I write my opinion here. My opinion based on the facts given was that it certainly makes sense that it would be McElroy.

  • Edgar NYJet

    Dump McClroy… He’s sucks anyway..

    • Craig Hoffman

      I agree why keep a player who isn’t that good and could be a problem in the locker room.

  • phshaw

    To the writer of this article: ok…you got your intended effect by getting me and others to read your article (check). However, unless you know this as a fact, you don’t speculate something so negative on McElroy or anyone else. I suspect you did so simply to get people to read your article. Sort of like an ambulance chaser. Very common for the culture now in which we live. No depth and even less morals.

    • Frank Antonelli

      Wow. What an over reaction to an article. Calling Craig an ambulance chaser, etc, only serves to demonstrate your hyper sensitivity. I’m a Bama fan and am hoping McElroy can make it but I think Craig has every right to draw this conclusion. I don’t believe he is the only one. I’m sure Jet management are looking into it and if it doesn’t pass the smell test then McElroy is done. Also, his last and only start was unfortunately a pretty good indication that he may never be an NFL quarterback anyway.

      • Craig Hoffman

        I’m not Sherlock Holmes (or an ambulance chaser for that matter either lol) and I came up with this conclusion so I’m sure others did as well. I’m sure plenty disagree too. That’s their right. This is my opinion based on the facts listed above.

  • matr dontelli iii

    i don’t have access to the jets players but if i were to guess, i’d say that given what mcelroy had to say after the 2011 season, given what mcelroy has to potentially gain or lose (nothing to lose, last ditch effort to get playing time to gain) if he were the culprit here, given that he spent considerable time being interviewed by people who are not writing the results of this (these) interview (s) and given the things written by the interviewers both currently and historically, i would expect 80-90% of the jets players not only think mcelroy is a rat but would also prefer if he spends his career as a third stringer on some other team. i can see the patriots signing him and coming up with a copy of the jets playbook as a result. i think this guy is writing his ticket out of the league, a ticket he doesn’t have the talent to write off. well, no, maybe on second thought he and mehta were discussing their memorial weekend plans. or maybe the after-effects of one-too-many concussions. nice job craig, keep up the good work, you’re doing great for a ‘newbie’. truth, justice and the american way!

    • Craig Hoffman

      Thank you Matr I always enjoy the thought you put into your comments and I usually agree with them too.

  • Joe Willie

    There you go fellas—the real “Circus” is the ultra competitive media trying to scrap a living off of NOTHING—smarten up! Back in the early 70s in the off season you were lucky to get a short column in the NY Daliy News a week about the NFL as a whole let alone daily stuff–I couldn’t wait for the late spring football mags “street and smith” and a few others for their preseason forecasts –there was probably the same amount of real news then and now–lets not for get Howard Cosell’s 2 x a day radio show too lol—sorry I know you guys must be rolling your eyes—but it was great back then—a story and journalism was the real thing…not just trying to sell Flo of Progressive and the Geico car insurance.

  • Joe Willie

    p.s To consider McElroy ever being a NFL talent is a joke—Im 59 and still have a better arm then him.

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