Oct. 8, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum walks on the sidelines before the game against the Houston Texans at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Mills/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

New York Jets: Top Five Draft Busts Since the Year 2000: #1

Mike Tannenbaum, a face only a mother could love, am I right? It’s certainly not a face that us Jets fans love anymore. Maybe it’s because that this topic of draft busts since the year 2000 has Mike’s name written all over it. Don’t get me wrong, the Jets have had their draft picks that were “duds” through the years, Tannenbaum has just had some memorable ones.

And that is what we have been counting down over the last several days, the top five draft busts since the year 2000. Here is the list so far:

05. John Conner
04. Kellen Clemens
03. Dewayne Robertson
02. Vladimir Ducasse

Now, for the number one biggest draft bust for the Jets since the year 2000.  Like we said before, the Jets have had their duds.  We have been the laughingstock of the league for a long time.  But, who did we choose for number one?  I have a feeling you can figure out who we chose as number one.  Heck, I think Stevie Wonder probably knows who we chose as the number one bust.

It’s a name that we will love forever.  OK, maybe not love, but you know who I mean.  The choice is………………


Ugh.  I think that is all we could say about that name.  The 6th choice overall of the 2008  NFL draft, was going to come here and be a dominant defensive lineman.  He was going to get after the passer, and raise heck.

Well, a three-year career totaled 42 tackles and zero sacks.  And raising hell?  The most we ever saw of Vernon was when a fight was staged during the production of “Hard Knocks”.  Remember that?  That was the only time that Vernon Gholston ever looked like a football player.

One thing we can never say that the Jets do is make things stress-free.  I, for one, can’t wait to see how John Idzik handles this first draft.  It’s a new world order, and this first draft is key.  Idzik could set the tone for years to come with this draft.

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  • matr dontelli iii

    the only thing i would possibly disagree with would be mr robertson. he cost us two firsts and a fourth rounder. while he may have been more productive than the rest of these characters he cost soooo much more. i might move him ahead of mr ugly but i don’t think he could surpass the ghost. he was a special all-time bust. a jamarcus russell, ryan leaf, todd marinovich type bust. a bust for the ages. a bust against which to measure all future busts. i bust to make blair thomas seem productive. a bust, oh never mind, that’s enough. thanks for the series. i enjoyed it. well, i mean i wish it never happened really. it kinda takes some pressure off idzik though. nothing like setting the bar low…

    • TheJetPress

      Good points on Robertson, Matr. Maybe ahead of Vladimir I could see that.
      Glad you enjoyed the series. Let me know if you have some thoughts on topics you would like to read about as we go forward this offseason. I love reader suggestions on what to write about. Serious, if you have something you’d like us to hit as we go along here, let me know I will try and make it happen.

      • matr dontelli iii

        thanks alan. as far as ideas, the previously mentioned ‘post playing days contributors’ and how about ‘most crippling management decisions’ which, of course, would have to be split into decades, or maybe half-decades. some recent examples might include: hiring sparano, letting cotchery go in favor of that jerk from baltimore, trading for tebow. wow, that could last all off season. saving money instead of having a retractable dome, building a grey stadium to share with the giants, wearing the wrong colour tie, fighting with kendall while moving up to draft another feinsod and schwart client, hiring a coach from the tainted belichek coaching tree (of course spygate hadn’t happened yet so it wasn’t so clear how these guys were so great only in new england), and that’s all in a good century. the gems from the 20th century could take a year to list! bad draft picks would be off limits ’cause that’s already been covered, but everything else (trades, hiring, releases wouldall be fair game). good luck! you may need a support staff for that project. :-) actually you could probably snap off some of those thing like maybe a list of worst hirings, worst releases, worst trades, and then have a more manageable list of worst management moves (the wrong colour tie, stadium blunders, trying to get a secong hard knocks – can you imagine if THAT happened?!?) maybe you shouldn’t oughta ask me for suggestions :-) have fun. another less imposing list might include good management decisions, like building the florham park facility, training in cortland. we may have to wait until after the superbowl to know which list to put that on.

        • TheJetPress

          Thanks! Don’t know if I can hit ALL of that….but we can probably get some of that going on.

          • matr dontelli iii

            i didn’t mean all at once. :-) i think it would be nice to see something different, somethng you don’t see on the other sites. i don’t think i’ve seen the management errors or bad hires anyplace else.

          • TheJetPress

            I knew you didn’t mean all at once lol…..I got you