Could the 2nd Round of the 2013 NFL Draft Show the True New York Jets Power Structure?

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Margus Hunt, DE from SMU. If he is still on the board when the Jets make their second choice, either late in the first round after a trade, or early in the second if they stay put, will give us a clear line into the Jets power structure in the new John Idzik era.

Take a look at some video from a game against Pittsburgh:

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Let’s get right to my point on this guy.  Rex Ryan loved this guy.  So much, that Rex personally worked Hunt as a linebacker, as well as defensive end.  After four years, we know how much Rex Ryan loves a player that is versatile.  Margus fits that bill.  Secondly, remember the last time Rex went to personally work out a potential draftee?  His name was…?


A guy that certainly is heading in the right direction after his rookie year, don’t you think?

The point here, however, is the fact that Rex loves him.  If a defensive coach works out a defensive player at more than one position, it’s obvious that the coach is already thinking about how to use this player. By the way, there is nothing wrong with that. If defensive players are what you do, that is who you are going to gravitate towards.

Will John Idzik concede to Rex’s request, if he likes a player that is different from the one Rex likes? We obviously don’t know all of the thought processes, we aren’t in the room. All I am saying is that if Rex does not get to draft a player he worked out at multiple positions, it will be an interesting indicator as to how much power Rex Ryan holds now.

And could give us a lot of insight as 2013 moves forward.

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