2013 NFL Draft: Looking Back at the 72nd Pick Since the Year 2000, Part II

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Many years ago, former President John F Kennedy had a great quote about understanding history, before we could move forward. He said, “We can’t know where we are going, ’til we know where we’ve been.” I like that. So I have been following that theory for the last several days, as we have been taking a look at the Jets selection numbers in th 2013 draft, go all the way back to 2000, and review the players that have been chosen, to get an idea of what the depth is like.

We have done this with the 9th pick overall, the 39th pick overall, and finally, we started yesterday with the 72nd pick, reviewing from 2000-2003.  Let’s move onto the next group, starting with 2004:

Donnell Washington was the 72nd choice overall in the 2004 NFL Draft.

Donnell Washington was the 72nd pick overall of the 2004 NFL draft, chosen by the Green Bay Packers. However, he never left the bench in two years with Green Bay and is now outside the league.

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