JET PRESS EXCLUSIVE: NFL Draft Scout Matt Miller on the Jets and the 2013 NFL Draft

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7.) Who is your top rated QB that is draft eligible in 2014?  Who are your top 5 draft eligible 2014 QBs?
If Johnny Manziel declares does that change your lists in any way?
MM- I’m still working on a preliminary 2014 list, but Teddy Bridgewater and Tajh Boyd will be in the running for that top quarterback spot. Guys like Nick Fales, Derek Carr and AJ McCarron are in there too. I’m not sold on Aaron Murray yet, but will be taking a hard look at his film. For me, Manziel has to prove he’s a passer if he expects to come out after this year. I haven’t seen enough consistency in his passing ability to like his NFL projection.
8.) Are the Jets 2013 starting OLBs currently on their roster right now?  If so, who are they?
MM- I don’t think they are. Antwan Barnes may start in base packages, but he’s a pass rusher only from what I saw in 2011 and 2012 with the Chargers. 

Rex Ryan worked out SMU Margus Hunt in OLB drills undoubtedly to scout his footwork and agility.

9.) Last week Rex Ryan worked out SMU DE Margus Hunt at OLB, similar to what he did with Coples last year.  Should we read much into this, is this a smoke screen or is this Rex doing his due diligence?
What is your official opinion on Margus Hunt, do you think he fits what the Jets want to do defensively and what round do you believe he’ll go in?
MM- I like Margus Hunt, but not as a stand-up pass rusher. I think you can look at Ryan working him out there and say that, 1) The Jets need pass rushers, and 2) Ryan is intrigued by Hunt’s athletic ability and wanted to see for himself what the big man could do. Nothing I’ve seen on film shows Hunt having the quickness or agility to be a stand-up pass rusher. He’s clearly a 3-4 DE to me.
10.) I believe Jarvis Jones is the edge pass rusher the Jets need but he has had a rough off season and his stock has dropped with some because of it.  What is your official position on Jarvis Jones and do you agree or disagree with me in that he is what this Jets pass rush is lacking?
MM- I like Jarvis Jones. There’s something to be said for his production at Georgia. He’s a lot like James Harrison to me in that he’s not an elite athlete and doesn’t have great size, but he has a non-stop motor and a nose for the football. He won’t blow you away in workouts, but put the pads on and turn on the lights and he’ll make plays. 
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