JETSerious' 2013 NFL Mock Draft Vol. III: New York Jets Build For Future

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17. Pittsburgh Steelers
Bjoern Werner
DE, Florida State

18. Dallas Cowboys
Kenny Vacarro
S, Texas

19. New York Giants
Mante Teo
ILB, Notre Dame

20. Chicago Bears
DJ Fluker
OT, Alabama

21. Cincinnati Bengals
Sheldon Richardson
DT, Missouri

22. St. Louis Rams (from Washington)
Eddie Lacy
RB, Alabama

23. Minnesota Vikings
Keenan Allen
WR, California

24. Indianapolis Colts
Alec Olgeltree
ILB, Georgia

25. Minnesota Vikings (from Seattle)
Desmond Trufant
CB, Washington

26. Green Bay Packers
Deandre Hopkins
WR, Clemson

27. Houston Texans
Robert Woods

28. Denver Broncos
Demontre Moore
OLB, Texas A&M

29. New England Patriots
Justin Hunter
WR, Tennessee

30. Atlanta Falcons
Tyler Eifert
TE, Notre Dame

31. San Francisco 49ers
Matt Elam
FS, Florida

32. Baltimore Ravens
Eric Reid


New York Jets 2013 Draft: 1st Round

Notice that the Jets have two first round picks. How? I have them trading Darrelle Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers prior to, or during the NFL draft. In return the Jets get the Bucs 1st round draft choice in 2013 (13th overall), as well as a conditional 2nd round draft choice in 2014.

**Note: Conditional 2nd round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft can turn into a 1st round pick, based on Revis’ # of starts. For example, if Darrelle starts in 14+ regular season games, or starts in at least one playoff game for the Buccaneers, it would trigger a clause; turning the 2014 2nd round pick into a 1st round pick. Therefore, the Jets could be looking at two 1st round picks in exchange for the best shutdown corner in the game.

The way I see it: Both sides win.


JETSerious’ 2013 NFL Mock Draft Vol. IV coming next week at TJP…. Stay tuned!

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