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New York Jets Draft Profile: Christine Michael

As the draft continues to approach, we take a look at players that the Jets have shown interest in, highlight their pros and cons, and see whether or not they would be a good fit with the team. Tonight, we continue that trend, by looking at a player that the Jets have taken increased interest in, according to a report. We know the Jets running game needs help, and a player the Jets are looking at is who we are going to look at tonight. Profile on Texas A & M running back, Christine Michael.


Michael measures in at 5’10″, 220 pounds. He ran a 4.54 forty yard dash at the NFL Combine. He clearly has explosiveness from his legs, with a combine-leading 43″ vertical leap.  Here are his stats while at Texas A & M:

2012 88 417 4.7 40 12 8 48 6.0 16 0
2011 149 899 6.0 48 8 8 35 4.4 11 1
2010 126 631 5.0 67 4 13 174 13.4 60 0
2009 166 844 5.1 97 10 15 66 4.4 13 0

Take a look at a full player profile from our friends at NFL Mocks by clicking here.

Here is some video to get going:

PROS: The first thing you notice is the drive he gets from his thighs. He is a little short at 5’10″, but he has immense thighs for his frame, and they allow him to drive forward with that first step, and he explodes. It doesn’t take him long to get from zero to sixty, if you get the analogy. He has excellent speed with the ball in his hands, and a terrific center of gravity. He has a unique ability to keep his feet after contact.

CONS: He wasn’t used much as a wide receiver, and being able to catch the football out of the backfield is an important skill in a West Coast offense.  He also has had injury problems, in both 2010 and 2011, that limited both seasons.  He’s good, but not great with changing directions, he stumbles a bit sometimes when he changes directions.

The guy clearly has a nose for the endzone.  Christine Michael scored 34 TD’s in four seasons, nothing to frown at.  He’s a talented young man, but there are some elements that are lacking, which make me question if he would be a good fit for OUR system.  He also slept through meeting at the Combine, which has to make people worried.  He would be worth a shot in the middle rounds.  Not too early, but don’t wait too long or he will be gone.

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  • blastingzone

    I like this kid! About a month ago I looked at as much film as I could find on youtube and I was impressed! After we signed Goodson I fugured the mets wouldn’t sign him but you never know? If he’s still there in the 3rd or 4th round I would take him he’s got a lot of talent but he’s had some problems in college but it looks like he’s passed that!

    • TheJetPress

      I definitely like what I see, but, he needs to get better in the passing game. To work in Marty’s system I think that will have to improve.

  • matr dontelli iii

    this draft could go in so many different directions. i’m really hoping they grab austin which would likely mean no michael. i’m also hoping they grab one of the top olbs, but that won’t likely happen along with austin unless they move rIvIs. what’d you think of the proposed trade in jetserious’ mock draft the other day?

    • TheJetPress

      I liked his trade scenario. How likely is it? I am not sure, but I love that JETserious thinks outside the box. It would be a very interesting one, I like what I saw out of Austin as well.

      • matr dontelli iii

        When I read that scenario I picture idzik stressing offense instead of defense in this draft and letting Rex prove his worth by seeing what he can do with second rate talent on d. If he passes he gets gifts aplenty next year ( extension and defensive players in the draft)

        • TheJetPress

          It’s a good point. Idzik might do that. I could see him bulking up the offense while leaving Rex to his own vices on defense.

  • len teague

    The reason he slept through two meetings was that he was fighting an upper respiratory infection due to seasonal allergies and was on a cold medicine that had side effects of extreme drowsiness. Having watched him play for the Aggies for 4 years, he is extremely talented and will give 100 per cent on every play. He will be a household name in the NFL for some lucky team.

    • TheJetPress

      thanks for chiming in Len…welcome.

      Good to hear that he wasn’t being irresponsible, that it wasn’t an accident. I really liked what I saw on film from this guy and think he will be a good player on the NFL level as well.