New York Jets Filmroom: Re-Butting Mark Sanchez's Role in the "Butt-Fumble"

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Take a look in the green circle. Mark Sanchez is making his scramble into the area, and Brandon Moore still does not have his behind in the way, yet. But take a look at the way that Wilfork is handling Brandon Moore. If you look closely, you can see that Wilfork has his hands up underneath Moore’s shoulder pads. To put it simply, he has complete control over Moore, and he is about to send Moore, and his butt, rocketing to Mark Sanchez’s face. Watch.

If you look closely here, you can see that Wilfork actually got Moore off of his feet, with his sheer brute strength, and has him moving backwards. At the same time that Moore moves backwards, Sanchez arrives, so here is where Mark and butt become acquainted. They already have made contact in this picture.

Finally, Wilfork completes the play by completely knocking Moore over, and onto Mark, making hanging onto the football difficult.

Without Wilfork, the head of Mark Sanchez, and the butt of Brandon Moore never meet.

Now like I said, I am not taking away all blame from Mark Sanchez. As hard as it can be, he has to find a way to protect the football here. He cannot fumble under any circumstances. My only point here is that there were other factors contributing to the play that made the butt fumble possible.

Without them, we are not talking about this. Don’t put it all on Mark.

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  • matr dontelli iii

    great analysis, as always alan. now how ’bout the other 13 fumbles? :)

    • TheJetPress

      thanks matr……Hey I never said he had a perfect season..:)…I was just breaking down that one play wise guy LOL.

      You guys know by now how much of a sanchez backer I am :)

      • matr dontelli iii

        l don’t doubt that he’s salvageable and i’d hate to see him go elsewhere and be succesful, but the fumbles! (not to be confused with the buttfumbles). i know he didn’t have much to work with last year. i’m as optomistic as they get. i really think idzik is gonna do a great job and i think they have a good chance to be much better than the media trolls would have us believe (hi dick. hi manish.) it really depends on whether the offense stops scoring points for the opposition. the offense did plenty right back in ’09 and ’10. it wasn’t ALL defense. if he can’t learn to protect the ball i’m sure he won’t still be in there week 10. keep up the good work alan. always a pleasure to read your analyses.

        • TheJetPress

          Totally agree. It’s really difficult to say that he can’t be saved. He played too well in 2009 and 2010 in big spots to be totally gone. Like you said, it wasn’t all defense. I one thousand percent agree with that.

          The fumbles, though….ugh is all I can say. He has to protect the football otherwise he won’t be here or anywhere else as a starting QB.

          Thanks for the following of me, glad you enjoy what you read. Please keep coming back!

          • Dave Hanna

            agree- there are a few more players that to make things get screwed up- Mark should never have had to shoulder all the issues

          • TheJetPress

            It is understandable that it was put on him…when you watch the play at full speed Mark does look funny, but you have to look at the play honestly and see he wasn’t the only problem.

  • Annette’s Jet’s

    I think I just lost my lunch. Anyone have any memory loss pills for me?

    • TheJetPress

      Ha ha sorry…..didn’t mean to make you sick.