New York Jets Filmroom: Re-Butting Mark Sanchez's Role in the "Butt-Fumble"

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Take a look in the green circle. Mark Sanchez is making his scramble into the area, and Brandon Moore still does not have his behind in the way, yet. But take a look at the way that Wilfork is handling Brandon Moore. If you look closely, you can see that Wilfork has his hands up underneath Moore’s shoulder pads. To put it simply, he has complete control over Moore, and he is about to send Moore, and his butt, rocketing to Mark Sanchez’s face. Watch.

If you look closely here, you can see that Wilfork actually got Moore off of his feet, with his sheer brute strength, and has him moving backwards. At the same time that Moore moves backwards, Sanchez arrives, so here is where Mark and butt become acquainted. They already have made contact in this picture.

Finally, Wilfork completes the play by completely knocking Moore over, and onto Mark, making hanging onto the football difficult.

Without Wilfork, the head of Mark Sanchez, and the butt of Brandon Moore never meet.

Now like I said, I am not taking away all blame from Mark Sanchez. As hard as it can be, he has to find a way to protect the football here. He cannot fumble under any circumstances. My only point here is that there were other factors contributing to the play that made the butt fumble possible.

Without them, we are not talking about this. Don’t put it all on Mark.

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