Darrelle Revis Update, the 2013 NFL Draft and More with the New York Jets

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1.)  QBs linked to the Jets this past week.

It’s that time of the off-season again, you know, that time in which EVERY potential backup QB is linked to the Jets one way or the other and this past week was no different as the Jets were linked to a few QBs that are looking for a place to land this offseason.

Aug. 4, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Former Dolphins QB David Garrard working out for the Jets this week is no surprise considering the Jets must weigh all options at the position at this point. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Brady Quinn, David Garrard, and Matt Cassell are all QBs that are names being tossed around to ultimately land in camp with the Jets.  The Jets are definitely trying to put some heat on QB Mark Sanchez this summer by bringing in some legitimate competition via Free Agency and the draft and those these names aren’t popular names, they all will prove to be better competition for Mark Sanchez than Tim Tebow was this past season and unfortunately that’s not saying much.  Hopefully for Jets fans the aforementioned QBs are just the first wave of QBs that is being linked to the Jets at this point considering it IS very early in the offseason process and there are still tons of moves to be made but make no mistakes about it, though its highly unlikely the Jets will “fix” the QB issue this offseason, they can NOT go into next season with the same complacent/neglectful attitude towards the QB position that ultimately doomed this team last season.


2.)  The pass rusher conundrum?

Things chance quickly in a NFL offseason and the stock of TOP NFL prospects is probably the most consistently changing aspect of an offseason and this offseason hasn’t been any different.  A few weeks after the college football season ended my top 5 pass rushers were;

-Jarvis Jones

-Bjoern Werner

-Damontre Moore

-Dion Jordan

-Barkevious Mingo


Now after the combine it is safe to say that for one reason or another these top pass rusher’s stock has fallen or is falling making it more and more likely that the Jets will have the chance to select their 1st or 2nd ranked pass rusher they have atop their draft board.  Probably not the way the Jets would love to get their potential pass rushing stud but at this point the Jets need bodies in the OLB position in the worst way and it will take Rex Ryan’s abilities as a “Defensive Guru/scout” to be able to watch the tape and ultimately separate the pass rushers from one another so the Jets can make the best decision come Draft day.



3.)  No surprises for the Jets at 9 anymore.

With the way certain prospects that were recently linked to the Jets have been slipping, the way the combine has unfolded and the overall needs of the Jets team, I’m starting to accept the fact that its going to be hard for the Jets to surprise this fan base with their selection come April’s draft.

How’s this for perspective;  With the Jets picking #9, there’s more than a SOLID chance that the player they most want (whoever that is) will actually be there at 9 when they select and frankly considering the question marks with the top prospects in pretty much every position, it shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone that the Jets are honestly taking the “BPA” approach for this April’s draft at this point.  The Jets need help in more than a few areas but they desperately need help in key areas like OLB, G and TE and it shouldn’t come as a shock to me or anyone else in Jet Nation if the Jets Jets decided to address these positions or even the WR position in the first round with the “BPA” approach.

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