The NFL Combine, Tim Tebow, and More with the New York Jets

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1.) The Combine

The NFL combine is upon us and though the combine has lost some of its importance over the years, it is still a solid measurement as to how certain prospects in key positions should fall in April’s draft.  Simply put, a solid/great combine performance can have tremendous or devastating effects on a prospects draft stock ie Dontari Poe just last February who entered the combine as a projected 2nd rounder but after an epic combine workout sealed his stock in the top 15 (was eventually selected #11 by the KC Chiefs).

The Jets have need at QB, RB, WR, TE, O-line, OLB and Safety so It’s safe to say they will have plenty to scout at the combine.


San Diego State TE Gavin Escobar has the size and attributes the Jets need at the TE position with a new offense being implemented.

2.) Dustin Keller

Dustin Keller days with the Jets appear to be over.  The Jets have yet to reach out to Keller though it is rumored that Keller’s agents and the Jets will soon to speak probably during the combine but a deal is not expected to be reached.  Keller was adamant after the season about not wanting to be tagged (although if the Jets want to tag him he’ll get tagged) so that means he is looking for a long term deal which he probably wont get from the Jets.  The tag amount for TEs next season is close to $6 mill and that’s way too much to pay Dustin Keller so he’ll probably walk.  If he does the Jets could probably get someone for ½ that tag price and probably get twice the production.  I believe Keller had his moments with the Jets but could never completely put it together totally and its not all his fault as the inconsistencies at QB plays into that immensely but his inability to block effectively  and reputation for being “soft” as far as injuries is concerned has probably made the Jets a bit weary at this point.  I personally would love for the Jets to find a way to keep him as I believe he can excel in the West Coast offense but I would understand if they decided to part ways with him.  If they did decided to let Keller walk there are solid replacement options out there including Free Agents Martellus Bennett and Delanie Walker but there are solid TE prospects in April’s draft a few I think would make great fits with the Jets are;

Cincinnati’s Travis Kelce,

San Diego State’s Gavin Escobar,

Western Kentucky’s Jack Doyle 

Boston College’s Chris Pantale.



3.)  Tim Tebow

The New York Jets are reportedly trying to shop Tim Tebow at the combine but it’s highly unlikely they will get anyone to actually bite on anything.  It’s in the best interest for the team to see if they can get anything for Tebow but it will ultimately come down to Tebow getting released by the Jets thus ending his 2 year stint with the team that has been nothing short of a disaster (moreso the team than him).  I’m not sure what the future in the NFL has in store for Tebow but I honestly can say I just don’t see what team he actually has a legit chance to start for and that’s putting it nicely.  Of course he’s a good kid and it’s going to be rather easy to root him no matter where he goes (outside of the division of course) but I just don’t see it happening.  The Jets mismanagement of Tim Tebow this past season not only cost former offensive coordinator Tony Sparano and former GM Mike Tannenbaum their jobs (Tebow mismanagement among other things is what got Tanny canned) but it didn’t do much to help Tebow’s football stock and may have actually hurt it.  Tebow is very athletic and can certainly help a team win without a doubt but it won’t be at QB.

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