Jets’ GM Search: And Then There Were Two?

With the announcement of a new general manager likely imminent, the reports are starting to come together a little bit. And if the reports are true, the selection is down to the final two.

The first is Ted Sundquist(pictured right), formerly the general manager of the Broncos. Since leaving the team, he has done some analysis for Pro Football Talk, and writes a blog at He also has a book coming out soon, and has stated that he thinks that the relationship between Rex and Mark Sanchez won’t work in the NFL. That will certianly bring some speculation about the QB position if Ted is hired.

Candidate number two is John Idzik, currently the vice president of football operations with the Seattle Seahawks. With Pete Carroll at the helm, we have seen the steady improvement of the Seahawks as an organization. Idzik would clearly be a good hire as well. Many are concerned that because Idzik was going back to Seattle today, that he has been eliminated from contention, but the reports out there report otherwise.

Remember, the Jets could announce the new general manager today, but not have a press conference until tomorrow or early next week. We all know that it would be far from the first time that they delayed a press conference. Stay tuned.

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  • MaxJet

    Either one will be better than Tanny. But knowing the Jets, it will be Mike Cohen. Rex is running the organization. It’s the Knicks redux. It will be Same Old Jets.

    • TheJetPress

      Supposedly Cohen is out of the running. I hope that is true because Cohen will be a disaster, and will be same old jets