Can Rex Ryan Work with a New General Manager?

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Can Rex Ryan keep his job with a new general manager in town?

So, Woody Johnson has decided to take this journey with Rex Ryan remaining as the head coach. Mike Tannenbaum is out, Rex Ryan is here, and the search is on. Interviews are beginning today, with Tom Gamble, among others, coming in. Could Woody Johnson go back on his promise to keep Rex if it means keeping a better general manager candidate? Maybe. But let’s assume not. Let’s assume that one of these candidates, or one that gets added at a later date, is going to inherit Rex Ryan as head coach. Can this work?

You all know by now my feelings about Rex Ryan. I think he has done a heck of a job, despite the results the last two years. He has gotten a lot out of some less than talented teams the last couple of years, and should be commended for it. That being said, the more I think about this idea of keeping Rex Ryan on with a new general manager, the more concerned I become. I become more concerned with the idea that this could be AS BIG OF A DISASTER AS THE TIM TEBOW EXPERIMENT.

First of all, look at how our organization is run, or shall I say, not run. You think these candidates don’t know what has gone on here in NY? They know all about it. If they are going to get the keys to drive this franchise, you think they are going to keep the status quo? No way. They are going to clamp down this franchise like nobody has. Rex Ryan is going to have to get used to keeping things close to the vest. The system that he perceives to be “transparent”, will be no more. Yes, we know it’s not transparent, as we don’t get the truth too often, but he thinks it’s transparent. It certainly is a system with a lot of talking, that’s for sure. That will be no more, and Rex will have to get used to a new sheriff being in town. After four years of playing by his rules, Rex might not be too happy with it.

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