Inside the Jets vs. Bills Film Room: Offense

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Through most of the year, I have mentioned, ad nauseum, that the receivers never come back to the football when Mark is in trouble. They too often stay along their route, leaving Mark no outlet to throw the football. But, Kerley is the exception here, watch.

This time, Kerley is lined up to the right, with Mark Sanchez lined up in the shotgun, the paths of both players are indicated by green lines. Kerley is going to start his route up the field, but Mark Sanchez will find nobody open, so he is flushed from the pocket. Kerley will break off his route, smartly, and come back to Mark. Watch.

See? Look in the circles, everybody is covered, so Sanchez is going to scramble to buy extra time. Kerley will sense this and come back to him, giving him a target to throw to.

See the circle? Kerley is coming back to Mark, and he scrambles for his life. This is a fundamental skill for any good wide recevier, they have to sense when the quarterback is in trouble, break off their route, and come back. Kerley does, and the result?

An eight yard pickup.

So, as bad as it went this year, there were some positives. Kerley became a weapon for the Jets offense. No matter who the quarterback is, Kerley will be an asset to that player going forward.

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