The Jets Must Stop the Organizational Leaks

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Oct 8, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets coach Woody Johnson attends the game against the Houston Texans at MetLife Stadium. The Texans defeated the Jets 23-17. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Note to Woody, whatever changes you make come Monday, you had better get out in front of these leaks going forward. It may not sound like a big issue, but it is. Remember the old Bugs Bunny cartoons? At least, I think they were Bugs Bunny. Remember the ones where there would be a leak of water, so Bugs would plug it with a finger? There would be another, and so he plugged it with another finger. But the problem was, nobody fixed the structure that was leaking. The leaks kept coming, and sooner or later, Bugs ran out of appendages to plug with, and the leaks took over.

Same thing in an organization. The longer the leaks are tolerated, the more will come. Yes, each leak will be “plugged” up by a denial. But, without fixing the structure, the leaks are tolerated, so there will be more, and more, and more, until they aren’t able to be plugged up. The team will be so overflown with leaks, the structure of the entire ship will fall apart, and they will fall into anarchy.

That is why Woody Johnson must stop this now.

Why are the leaks such a big deal? They break down the structure of an organization. If anyone who wants to can just drop information to the press whenever they like, the structure is corrupted. Information must come from the person that this information is about, period. If a source within the organization can drop hints about Rex Ryan whenever he/she wants, it takes credibility away from Ryan’s position. How does Rex maintain credibility as the head coach, if anyone can go around telling people what he thinks, or doesn’t think? How can anyone? That is how the structure, with the cartoon metaphor, breaks down. The more then happen, the weaker the structure.

Same for the players, even the one I want out, Tim Tebow. If people are going to drop what they feel is the truth, whenever they like, how can anyone preserve their reputation? How about their standing amongst their teammates? The answer is, they can’t, and it’s not healthy.

How can anyone feel comfortable doing their job in this scenario as well? If the “walls have ears”, as they say, how can you feel comfortable within those walls? Say you went to work, and then in a week, your boss called you into a closed door meeting. They confront you with a statement, brought to them by an anonymous source. Would you feel comfortable going to work? Safe? Of course not. How could you?

That is why Woody Johnson must step in. This is HIS team. He owns this team, he is responsible for the organizational structure. He has to seal these leaks up fast. Otherwise, the roster needs will not matter one bit. The structure of the organization will be forever weakened, to the point of no return.

Fix it Woody, Now.

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