Inside the Jets vs. Titans Film Room: Defense

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The next play we’ll take a look at is the sack by Yeremiah Bell.

The Jets were able to disguise their coverage to perfection.

When Locker takes a look at the pre-snap, it’s safe to assume that he’s anticipating 4 rushers.

But he gets a surprise. Yeah, there are 4 players blitzing, but not the players he thought.

The Jets defenders in black are blitzing, with Yeremiah Bell highlighted in red because he gets the sack. The players in blue are the ones dropping into coverage.

Notice that one of the defensive linemen has a blue arrow. Normally the down-linemen are pass rushers… but in this case, it’s a great disguise.

With an overload to the Jets left and the Titans right side, Yeremiah Bell gets a clear path to the quarterback.

Below, you’ll see a red dotted line and an arrow indicating a blitz.

However, Ellis Lankster is not the one blitzing. I highlighted him in red because Yeremiah Bell is missing from the picture. So to clear things up, I drew Bell’s path, while using Lankster as a variable.

The ESPN MNF crew must’ve done the same… because they drew Lankster in yellow as a blitzer.

Although it’s Bell who is blitzing, it’s a great example of how well the defense disguised their coverage.

Maybe Rex Ryan did fool John Gruden. Maybe even he couldn’t tell who’s rushing, and who’s dropping into coverage.

Either way, it was too much for the Titans offensive line to handle.

You’ll notice on the next shot that Bell goes untouched.

Jake Locker has no choice but to take the sack.

This was a great call by Rex Ryan/Mike Pettine.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough… due to the pitiful performance by the Jets offense.

It’s ashame that the defense is playing at such a high level and the offense can’t hold up their end. Usually, when you hold an opponent to 14 points, there’s a great chance you’ll win the game. But not in this case. Mark Sanchez and his 5 turnovers cost the Jets this game.

Actually, when you sit back and think about it, it’s incredible that the Jets only surrendered 14 points after turning the ball over 5 times.

But that’s the way this season has gone.

We’ll have to wait and see how the team is rebuilt after the season. Until then, we’ve got 2 games left.


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