Inside the Jets vs. Jaguars Film Room: Defense

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Chad Henne fakes the handoff and wants to throw a play-action pass. LB Garret McIntyre knocks Henne down in the process, enabling Bart Scott to make an interception.

McIntyre is going to rush off the right side (red).

Next, we’ll overlay each player’s route or responsibility.

  • The Jags top/outside receiver (black) is going to run a fade.
  • The tight end (black) will release off his block and run a corner route.
  • Landry (blue) is man-t0-man with the tight end in the middle.
  • The d-linemen will rush and try to collapse the pocket.
  • David Harris (red) is blitzing, while Bart Scott (yellow) will spy on the QB.
  • McIntyre (red) is going to blitz untouched at the bottom.
  • Yeremiah Bell (blue) is on the goal line as the high safety.


It’s starting to become a routine, but Cromartie locks down his man. Cro’s man is Henne’s 1st option, as he goes through his progressions.

If you look below, you’ll see that the black arrow (1) is Henne’s primary read.

Henne notices his 1st read is not open so he looks to his 2nd option (2. white arrow). By the time he goes through his progressions, McIntyre is ready to lay the hit.

McIntyre gets to Henne as he gets the ball off. What Henne fails to recognize is that Bart Scott’s spying him from the middle.

Bart does a great job finding the ball in the air, and attacking it as it falls.

You can see better from this angle that Bart is the only player waiting on the ball.

Bart attacks the ball at it’s highest point. He makes an excellent play here, and shuts up a few critics (at least for now).

I bet that Bart wanted to redeem himself after getting caught from behind by Matt Mulligan of the Rams a few games back. He gets a decent return that brings him out to about the 20 yard line. That’s not too bad for Bart, considering he picked the pass off at the 7 yard line.

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