Quick All-22 Film Review – Jacksonville Jaguars

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How Do The Jets Attack That Jaguars Defense and Contain Their Offense?


On Offense:

Not really hard to understand here but;

Jags pass defense = ranked 28th in the league

Jags run defense = ranked 31st in the league

Sanchez wont get another gift THIS sweet until Eva comes back wrapped in ONLY a bow for Christmas.  You attack that secondary with Hill and Kerley (assuming Hill is healthy this week) and you go for their throat the entire game.  Jags cant stop the pass or the run so the Jets game plan should be to attack.  The Jags defensive issues stand out on film as they are missing tackles and their Cover 2 pass defense hasn’t stopped anyone yet.


Jets WR Jeremy Kerely is primed for a big day vs this bad Jags pass defense.


On Defense:

The film suggests that the Jaguars with MJD out for the season aren’t really capable of moving the chains at any consistent rate and the film isn’t lying in this case.  The Jaguars are struggling at times even with better and more consistent QB play they are receiving from Chad Henne.  They are getting solid production from RB Montell Owens and WR Cecil Shorts so those 2 players may be able to help this Jaguars offense produce somewhat but for the most part and from what I’ve seen on film, the Jets pass rush has come on just a BIT as of late and this may be a bad matchup for the Jags O-line.  Henne is more than capable of finding the open man but a good % of the time, the Jags don’t seem to have too many targets getting open consistently which can and SHOULD lead to sacks.

Jets don’t have to do much defensive scheming or planning this game outside of the norm.

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