Why is the Jets Offense Careless with the Football?

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Nov. 22, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) on the field against the New England Patriots during the first half on Thanksgiving at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE

As we wrote yesterday, Mark Sanchez said that this is “the million dollar question”. This offense has had this problem for a couple of years. More specifically, since the 2010 AFC Championship game, the Jets offense has had problems with turnovers. They have not been able to take care of the football. From the quarterback right on down, they have been a careless offense. Dropped passes, poor receiver routes, fumbles, and interceptions. They have run the gamete of these problems, the question is why?

Last year, Brian Schottenheimer was the scapegoat. Despite the fact that the Jets had gone to back to back AFC Championship games in the previous two years, and had multiple playoff appearances with Schotty at the helm of the offense, he was scapegoated. The offense needed a new direction. They needed a return to their identity, so Schotty was out the door. Barely hours later, Tony Sparano was being introduced, and was bringing back “Jets football”. The offense was going to be physical, running the football down opponent’s throats, and take care of the football. How did that work out? We still have dropped passes, fumbles, bad decisions, and interceptions. A change at the top was made, but the result has not changed. Why?

So what is it? The Jets changed wide receiver coaches, bringing in Sanjay Lal. But yet, the wide receivers still run bad routes at times, and have had dropped passes all year long. They never come back to the quarterback when he is in trouble, and sometimes it results in an interception. That isn’t getting better. Anthony Lynn still has a running back group that still has problems with fumbles. What’s the problem?

You could make an argument that it is the quarterback coach. Matt Cavanaugh has not done a lot in his position, to say the least. He has been Mark Sanchez’s position coach since he entered the league. Has Mark has times where he has played well? Absolutely, and you know me, I have been up there as one of the first to be sure and enumerate each and every one of those occasions. However, for four years, Mark Sanchez has continued to be careless with the football, either when running with it, or throwing it, especially in the redzone. The quarterback coach is MOST DEFINITELY part of the problem, and should be the first to go from this coaching staff.

But is there a bigger issue? I submit that there is, and if you turn the page, you will be surprised to read my answer.

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