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How Do The Jets Attack That Rams Defense and Contain Their Offense?


On Offense:

The Jets right now are struggling at pretty much every facet of their offense.  Last game vs the Seahawks the Jets managed only 185 total yards of highly ineffective offense.  The play calling along with the execution were equally horrid.  Jets WRs couldn’t get off the line, couldn’t get open and Sanchez couldn’t consistently find them when they finally got open.  The running game accounted for 84 of the 185 total yards and avg about 3.8 ypc, again….HIGHLY ineffective to say the least.

Mark Sanchez wont be facing as tough a defense this week vs the Rams as he did last week vs the Seahawks.

–    So here we are with another week and another opportunity for the Jets to take advantage of a team that has some issues on both sides of the ball.  Watching the film, the Jets should be able to have more success vs the CBs of the Rams than they had vs the CBs of the Seahawks considering that Jenkins and Finnegan are much less physical than Sherman and Browner of the Seahawks.  In fact, the film suggests that as fast as Jenkins is, he has problems vs WRs that run crisp/sharp routes.  Jeremey Kerley, who has gotten much better in his route running, would welcome the challenge to face a fast CB like Jenkins, who isn’t a complete CB just yet.  Finnega,n on the other hand, is a veteran CB that will probably get the Kerley assignment because of what I mentioned earlier about Kerley. The Rams won’t want Kerley going crazy in their secondary and will most likely assign the veteran Finnegan to get physical with Kerley to keep him off his game.

–   The Rams seem to have problems covering athletic TEs but doesn’t everyone?  The Jets should probably get Keller in pre-snap motions to get the matchups they want him on so Sanchez can get into a groove early with Keller.  Keller hasn’t had a breakout game thus far into the season and right now, with the way the Jets offense is struggling, it’s a perfect week to get him going.

–  The Rams don’t seem to STOP the run  OR the pass all that GREAT but they have moments in which they do it adequately, and against an struggling offense like the Jets, adequate may just be enough to shut them down.  Sad but true.   Looking at the film, the Jets can have success on the ground and in the air against the Rams.

–  The Jets O-line played well against the Seahawks.  The O-line was blocking well for Sanchez but Sanchez was unable to capitalize on the adequate blocking that he was receiving.  The Jets running game didn’t flourish like they wanted to but the Seahawks D-line is very aggressive and the Jets wont see that type of aggressiveness this week vs the Rams so there are opportunities for Greene and Bell to have a pretty effective day at LEAST.   The Rams have pass rushers that aren’t flashy but they are grinders that will get to the QB.  Chris Long and Michael Brockers have been playing very well this year as both have high motors, I expect the Jets to take a few sacks this game.

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