Quick All-22 Film Review - St Louis Rams

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- 2nd and 8 at Seattle 36, after a 2 yard run from Stephen Jackson, the Rams come out in a MODIFIED Spread-LIKE Formation with Tight End Matthew Mulligan (82 on the left) lined up off balanced with tight end Lance Kendricks (88) lined up behind him to the right.



When the ball is snapped, ~~~> the center releases out to block Patrick Willis (upper-right), Mulligan chips Aldon Smith and Kendricks cuts across the line to block Isaac Sopoaga.  Steven Jackson takes the handoff  and has pretty nice hole in front of him, notice Kendricks getting leverage on DT Sopoaga and completely takes him out of the play


Stephen Jackson gains 10 yards on this play, the first play of the Rams possession.  The Rams utilized clever and unique formations with great blocking schemes to essentially take 49ers defenders out of the play.

- 1st and 10 at Seattle 46

The Rams come out in traditional Spread Formation with 4 WIDE OUTS and Stephen Jackson the lone RB in the backfield.  Bradford hands off to Jackson who follows his right tackle for a nice pick up of 4 yards.


-2nd and 6 at 50

The Rams come out in a Pro-set formation with Stephen Jackson and Miller as the 2 backs in the backfield….. 2 WR set ( Amendola and Quick).  Bradford hands off to Jackson and Jackson follows Miller behind the left tackle for 7 yards.  A well executed play as everyone blocked a man and gave Jackson adequate running room.

 -1st and 10 at 49ers 43

The Rams come out in a traditional Shotgun formation with Jackson lined up next to Bradford in the backfield and 2 WR set (Amendola and Quick). Amendola, on this play, utilizes his quickness and shiftiness to separate from Whitner and gave Bradford enough room to complete the 4 yard toss that Amendola turned into 7 yards with his 3 YAC.  The O-line blocking was superb and gave Bradford enough time to stand in and allow his WR to make the necessary moves.

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