Five Key Players to a Successful Second Half for the Jets

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Again, Shonn Greene is lined up in the eye formation behind Mark Sanchez. Greene is going to take the handoff and run off of the left tackle, D’Brickashaw Ferguson. Keep your eyes on the linebacker, circled in red. He is going to become important as we move forward. Here we go…

Here’s the linebacker, again circled in red. Shonn Greene is going to run to the left, following the green line. Nick Mangold is circled in green, as he is key here. He makes his first push correctly, on the guy locked up with Matt Slauson. To spring Greene for a big gain, Mangold is responsible to make a block on the linebacker on the second level. No problem for the Pro Bowl center, right? Let’s see.

I guess nobody is perfect. If you look at the circles, Nick Mangold clearly missed the block on the linebacker, leaving him free to meet Greene in the hole. The result?

He meets Greene in the hole, holding him to a modest three yard gain. Look downfield, as illustrated by the green line. Greene had a lot of room to run if Mangold doesn’t miss the block. There’s nobody in the picture at the next level if Greene gets by the linebacker. But, Mangold missed him. No, Greene is not the fastest, but he is even slower when he doesn’t have somewhere to run.

I could write a 30 page post, at least, illustrating playes like this from the first half of the season. The offensive line is not opening holes for the running game. They can do it, as they showed during the Colts game, as they sprung even the slow Shonn Greene for a 21 yard run. This line has the ability to do it. But they aren’t doing it consistently.

The offensive line has to be consistent in order for the Jets to have any chance to run their second half record to 6-2 to finish at 9-7. If not, it will be a long second half.

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