Why I Want Mark Sanchez Traded.

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Rex has Sanchez’s back. You have to think there is a reason for it.

So getting back to my original intention: As much as I would love for him to continue playing with the Jets, I would love it even more for him to go a team that would treat him right. That would build him into the quarterback I think he can be after seeing what he is capable of when given the pieces other quarterbacks in the league are given without a second question. Not only did this team not set him up properly with pieces on the field, they added to it by bringing in Tim Tebow to create even more stress, pressure and attention on a team that absolutely did not need it, and on a quarterback whose backside was already in flames from the hot seat before the first snap of the first pre-season game. Send him to a team that will build around him. That will support him. The Jets traded up to draft him 5th overall after he’d only played in and started 16 games at USC, one of which by the way was a victory in the Rose Bowl. But no, ignore all of that promise and throw him to the dogs. Don’t bother helping him develop, keep the quarterback coach who has never bothered to do that with any guy who has been plopped in a chair for the quarterback meetings. Who needs legit wide receivers and a running back that can run more than 2 yards, 4 if he’s lucky? No quarterback needs more than .03 seconds to make a play.

The fact is, Mark cannot win. On the field or off. He is scrutinized for everything, even when he’s trying to remain professional. Winning may not even solve this because the damage is done in the eyes of many a fan. Yes, his body language often sucks. We are not at Florham Park behind closed doors to see what he says or does, we can only go off of what teammates tell to the press or what the media chooses to share that they saw with their own eyes. If they’re all saying Mark’s leadership isn’t the problem, maybe it’s time to hop off that train. Or maybe it’s time to just let it keep running on the track and watch as the inevitable trainwreck happens, because this season is churning out of control fast. Seeing Sanchez in another team’s jersey is what a lot of people want. This is just my reason for adding my name to the list. And then I will sit back and smile when yet another player let go by the Jets embarrasses them, because it’s happened before and it will continue to do so as long as these questionable decisions are being made by Tannenbaum & co. So, yes, I’m on the Trade Him train, but not for the reasons most are. Let Sanchez go somewhere while he still can. He’s 25 (soon to be 26) and not entirely ruined yet. If this continues, I don’t have high hopes that I could be saying the same by season’s end.

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