Inside the Jets vs. Dolphins Film Room: Offense

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This time, Stephen Hill is lined up to the right in a bunch formation, with Mark Sanchez in the shotgun.  As Hill follows the green arrow on his route, he will get a quick bump from the defender in red circle, but will be putting his move on the defensive back, circled in blue.  Let’s roll the tape forward.

Stephen Hill puts on a great move here.  The defender is circled in blue, Hill is in green.  Hill makes a move with one step with his left foot towards the goal post.  Instead of continuing to the post, he turns it into a double move, by breaking for the back pylon.  Hill is open, but the DB is not out of the play.  It is going to take a perfect throw from Mark Sanchez, over the head of the defender to hit Hill for the touchdown.  Mark DOES make a great throw, but Hill doesn’t pull it in.  Take a look.

OK, maybe the throw is a bit late, as the defender does have time to close in on Hill.  But even taking that into account, the fact is that Sanchez laid the ball right in Hill’s bread basket.   He put the ball right where his guy needed it in order to make the catch.  Stephen Hill has to make that catch.

Stephen Hill will make this catch, and make a whole lot more too.  He clearly is talented, and has shown flashes already so far this season.  But, the Jets have put a lot on his plate.  They have put him in position to where they need more than flashes.  The Jets expect him to be the consistent deep threat from the starting wide receiver position, and that is a lot to expect of a rookie with his limited experience.  It’s too much, Sean was absolutely right yesterday.

He will get there, but it’s not fair for him to be in this position so early.

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