Quick All-22 Film Review - The New England Patriots

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This week the Jets (3-3) travel up to Foxborough to take on the New England Patriots (3-3) for total control of the AFC East.  The Jets are coming off a 35-9 beat down over the Indianapolis Colts, a game in which we saw the Jets’ offense and defense show up big time.  The Patriots on the other hand, are coming off of a 23-24 loss to the Seattle Seahawks a game in which the Patriots secondary was torched by rookie QB Russell Wilson all game long.  This week in our All-22 film review, I’m going to focus on 3 drives, 2 Seahawks drives and 1 Patriot drive.  I’m focusing on 2 Seahawks drives to place emphasis on the New England defense, more specifically, their secondary. The 1 Patriots drive I will analyze is the one that I felt was the most impressive out of all the scoring drives against the Seahawks and one I feel utilizes a lot of the formations and plays that the Jets will see in their matchup this week.

Patriots QB Tom Brady looked to the officials for help vs the Seahawks but it wasn’t enough.

The first drive we’ll analyze is the 2nd Seahawks drive of the game which consisted of 7 plays, 85 yards and a TD.  You have to tip your hat to Pete Carroll and that Seahawk offensive coaching staff for recognizing the weakness in the Patriots secondary and attacking it ad nausea.

1st Quarter (scoreless game)

– 1st and 10, on the Seattle 15 yard line.  Seahawks come out in an I formation with Lynch as the single back.  3 WR set…. Lynch gets the hand off and runs for 7 yards to the right…

– 2nd and 3 at the Seattle 22 yard line.  Seattle in shotgun formation with Lynch and Turbin in the backfield and a 3 WR set. Tate and Rice lined up to the right and Baldwin to the left.  Wilson passes to Tate for a loss of 6 yards.  The play was sniffed out perfectly by Patriots DB Alfonzo Dennard who made a great tackle for a loss

-3rd and 9 at the Seattle 16 yard line.  Seahawks once again come out in a shotgun formation with Lynch as the single back.  Russell Wilson hits WR Doug Baldwin for a 50 yard completion.  Baldwin made this catch look easy as he simply blew right past Kyle Arrington and Russell put enough air under it to make it an easy pitch and catch.  Arrington on the coverage looked slow and hate Wilson put this in front of Baldwin, this would’ve been an easy TD bomb.

Patriots CB Kyle Arrington had a rough day vs the Seattle Seahawks

– 1st and 10 at New England 34 yard line. Seattle in a bunch formation with a 3 WR set.  Wilson hits Sidney Rice on an out route who was lined up against Patrick Chung in the slot. Rice runs out of bounds after a gain of 6 yards.

2nd and 4 – incomplete pass to Golden Tate.

-3rd and 4 at New England 28 yard line.  Seattle in an standard I formation with Lynch as the lone RB.  Russell Wilson fakes the hand off then runs what appears to be a called QB keeper.  Wilson with an impressive 9 yard run for the first down which includes a miss tackle by Jerod Mayo.

1st and 15 (after a false start penalty)  at New England 24 yard line.  Seahawks once again in the shotgun formation with 3 WR set.  It seems Arrington completes the FAIL on this drive by completely allowing Baldwin to get great position in the endzone when Wilson finds him for a 24 yard TD strike.  On that drive, Doug Baldwin had 2 catches for 74 yards and BOTH of those catches were on Kyle Arrington.

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