New England Patriots vs. New York Jets: A Look Back

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The very weird Bill Belichick situation. Remember how he spent one day as head coach? After one day, he resigned, writing on a napkin that he was resigning as the “HC of the NYJ”. Frankly, he almost looked drunk at the press conference. Citing the uncertainly of the Jets’ ownership in the wake of the death of Leon Hess, he was gone. Just a few days later, Bill was hired in New England, and the war went on. The Jets charged New England with tampering, and were awarded a first round pick to compensate.

Along the way, there have been some small brush fires in the relationship. When the Jets hired Eric Mangini as the coach in 2006, rumors surfaced that Mangini was talking to coaches about joining him in New York, even while the Patriots were still involved in the 2005 playoffs. This obviously was the beginning of the difficulties between Mangini and Belichick. There was the incident involving Deion Branch, when after New England sent him to Seattle, they accused the Jets of tampering with Branch while he was under contract. The Jets were cleared in the case, but it certainly didn’t help the relationship between the two franchises.

And then, the culmination. If there was ever going to be an opportunity for peace between these two teams, it was gone after this…..

Spygate was the straw that broke the camel’s back. When coach Eric Mangini reported the illegal videotaping of coaches signals to the league, the relationship between Bill Belichick and Eric Mangini was over. The fines and loss of draft picks not withstanding, Belichick considered the situation a breach of trust, as Mangini was a part of his team, that was it. The coaches liked each other even less, and therefore, the hatred between these two teams grew to great heights.

This all doesn’t even include Rex, and his tough talk. This is as intense a rivalry as it gets. No matter whose side you are on, it is always entertaining when these two teams go up against each other.

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